Hyouka 08 – notes and the like

Having a life is time-consuming.

I think any typesetter would consider suicide seeing the first few minutes of this episode.

How could I miss this so far?! Obviously this pink weed means something symbolically, most probably referring to Houtarou’s concepts of high school life. We’ll change all instances of “colorful” to “pink weed-colored” for the batch.

I now know where we are. The town is Takayama (高山) in Gifu (岐阜) prefecture (and as a senior in my club told me, it really looks the same, they even have the shopping street and everything) and the school is the Hida (斐太) High in the same town (not to mention my aforementioned senior is a graduate of that school). Google is your friend if you want pictures.

She has figured out how to pull Houtarou’s strings. “Effective” is a very effective word when it comes to low-energy people. But have you figured out how does she know how to handle Houtarou?

The floor plan has lots of signs and it moves all around the screen, so the typesetter said it’s impossible. It shows up again in the next episode, so if you want translations for it, check there. It’s a theater.

Mayaka is a bit annoying with her constant motherly scolding looks here. Also I find it amusing that they haven’t written the whole script beforehand, at least as a sketch. As a certain member of staff keeps pointing out: this mystery is dumb (though nowhere as dumb as the math class idiocy in episode six)

I don’t know how familiar the average Japanese is with the rules of writing mystery novels, but I pretty much doubt anyone has any idea what these are. Knox’s Decalogue, Raymond Chandler’s Nine Propositions and Van Dine’s Twenty Rules are all guidelines to writing mystery (detective) novels. It’s funny to look them up because (as it’s pointed out in the novel, but not in the anime) they include stuff like “the culprit must not be Chinese”.

I can understand his feelings so well. It’s goddamn annoying how they always force him to solve these retarded mysteries when he obviously doesn’t give a single fuck about them.

There was a third as well (in the novel), and it’s shown in the first scenes of the episode: a certain someone (guess who) suggested them to her. It’s also made clear that she heard about the Hyouka from Tougaito.

At this point Houtarou realized that this is a trap he can’t escape from. Irisu is very cunning. (And Chitanda is very annoying. Someone shoot her already.)

I don’t know why Houtarou hangs out with these assholes.

Why is Houtarou the only character in this show with a relatively normal personality?

This guy just the information outlet of the writer. He needed some way to insert random details into the story, so he made this “database” character. You’re not gonna find Japanese high school students talking about the laws of writing mystery novels or the symbolism of the tarot deck.

Best anime character of the year.

Three more characters with very apparent personality defects. As for the English title, it’s a reference to Agatha Christie’s Why didn’t they ask Evans?, but the story isn’t really related.

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