Hyouka 06 – notes and the like

According to the wiki, there were 200 senators and not 300, but let’s just ignore that for now. The writing on the blackboard just repeats what he says about the patricians and the plebs, and explains that the consul was the highest elected political office and the dictator was a temporary absolute authority in the case of emergency. The date is 3rd of July, Tuesday.

On normal volume the noise itself is hard to notice let alone translate. But even after turning the volume on I couldn’t really hear more than a few words of it (my headphones broken at the time). It’s not in the novel either. Which reminds me: this episode is based on a short story from the fourth book of the series (a short story collection), and it isn’t really connected to the longer stories of Hyouka or the other books.

For some reason I read this as “To Commie an Eighth Sin” at first.

Baww. (She’s so damn cute in this whole scene.)

Oh that look.

Actually the Japanese troubled me a bit at this line. It’s obvious what he’s trying to say, but it’s still weird. The verb he uses is “evaluate, rate, appraise” (評価 hyouka) and in my concept of the word the point of that is exactly to decide what’s good or bad on a scale. True, they don’t say it’s good or bad explicitly, but it’s pretty clear from the way they speak about it that they consider Chitanda’s calmness a good thing. I guess the writer just wanted to give Houtarou some really deep line to say?

In Buddhism, there are 108 worldly desires (kleshas).

Whoops, wrong anime.

Oh you, Mayaka.

In Japanese the angelic name ending “el” (originating from the Hebrew word for God) is transcribed as エル (eru) which just happens to be her name. Chitandael.

So deep.

The obvious message being that he can love as well.

That look on her face is totally (Yui) from K-On.

Moe overload.

Sorry, this was beyond me. Her whole monologue here is a pun on that in Japanese the words “happen” (起こる okoru) and “get angry” (怒る okoru) are homophones. She keeps using them after each other, and at first I was just like Houtarou with that “huh?” face.

This week’s solar term is Gentle Heat (小暑 shousho, lit. small heat), which comes after the summer solstice from last episode.

I’m surprised that the x is written like that… Most Japanese write it with two opposing half-circles. Anyway, the equation really is simple.

Apparently even she realizes that dissecting people and analyzing their brains isn’t exactly a socially accepted thing to do.

She may have been a grasshopper as well – that would explain her (lack of) sense of humor.

Here Houtarou realizes how their relationship is still just at the beginning of a long, winding road.

And not only that: the days of months would be different days of the week in different years.

I’m really looking forward to the OST of this show.

The tale of how Japanese can’t into the Latin alphabet.

Whoops, wrong anime again. Anyway, for the batch we shall change all color references to cherry pink and graphite gray.

After the cosmic scale message of the ending, the next episode is revealed to be the next short story following this episode’s, titled True Colors Roses. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to before it airs.

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