Editing/typesetting review: [URW] Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 04

Are you chuu2 enough for this review?

Next, URW.



What the hell is a “hobby group”? I have literally never heard anyone utter that phrase in my life.

…what? This makes no sense at all. (gg had “Dragon Slave” for comparison. Also, amusingly when Googling for what URW put all I find are threads on /a/ mocking them.)

Missed your period.

URW has the same problem as gg here. The timing ends way too early so it seems like quite a bit of the audio is untranslated.

She’s reading his notebook from a few seconds ago, y’know? Should have quotation marks.

Protip: ノート=notebook. Which is insanely obvious from the video.


No. How about “I can’t get ahead of myself again!”

Not only does this make no sense, “Mori” means nothing in English. You’d have to actually know what the kanji mean to understand this in URW’s release. Awesome work, guys.

That might be literally what she said, but “curse you to death” sounds awful.

I like this quite a lot.

Chuubou: (Slang) someone who makes childish posts (on a BBS, etc.)

A swing and a miss.

So lame in comparison to gg’s…

Why even sub this part if you’re not going to translate it?

“I wasn’t thinking and started with the eight-grade syndrome stuff again!” perhaps? At least, I don’t think a person can posses a syndrome.

I’m glad they cut out the “eighth-grade” part since it made the sentence way more wordy in gg’s version. I can’t imagine there are any other kinds of delusions in this show anyway.


Off to a good start.

Would be better with a little more blur.

Should be a little darker.

Definitely looks better than fading in like gg’s.

’tis good.

Looks like it actually has too much blur.

This is how it should look.

Is this better or worse than gg’s lagfest? You decide.

You can see a bit of the original text above “I’m one station away” and the gradient kind of messes up the left edge of that part as well, but otherwise it looks good.

“Body” should be rotated a bit more.


This is good.

Did the typesetter die here, or did they just forget the font?

Nope, looks like they have the font…

Close enough.

Thank you.

I have no idea why it’s placed where it is.

Color on the upper half should be darker. Also, it might be important to typeset the book. Dunno.


Editing: 3/5. If you watched this release without watching gg’s or knowing what “chuunibyou” is about, you’d probably have few if any problems. But if you have any idea what chuu2 characters are supposed to sound like, you can see how this release is lacking. Rikka and Dekomori talk like 12 year old faggots like 99% of the time, but they mostly sound normal in URW’s release (not to mention Dekomori says “death” in almost every line which gg managed to fit in quite well.) So yeah, while there is not particularly anything wrong with this release, in comparison to gg’s it’s pretty meh. Not having italics for internal dialogue is pretty annoying too.

Typesetting: B+. Mostly good, but a few are missing and a few could be improved.

Timing: No issues.

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14 thoughts on “Editing/typesetting review: [URW] Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 04

  1. While comparing URW’s with gg’s, did you check to see if they’d attached all the right fonts?

    It looks like gg’s has the usual mixture of hacked fonts, including ttf and otf versions of the same font (PPETRIAL), at least one missing font (Circ Handwriting), a 1/2 meg font that seems to be not needed (FSEX300), multiple (unnecessary and definitely not moe) Amaranth fonts, and one referenced as Chuu2_2 which is …?

    Just curious…

    • No, because I expect massive incompetence from everyone except the editor and translator working on this for gg. What you say does not surprise me at all.

    • It obviously can mean both, but when you see Dekomori holding his notebook just before the line in question, I don’t know how you can translate it as “Note”.

        • Debatable. “Note” is the in Japanese for notebooks, and it’s incorrect to translate it as-is to English, because “note” =/= “notebook”. (Yes, that means that “Death Note” is incorrect. It was invented by Japanese after all.) The function of his Darkness Notes is totally different too.

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