Chuunibyou 04 – notes and the like

Another week, another dose of eighth-grader syndrome.

I just got my new bass. I still wouldn’t do that in class though.

I can’t help being reminded of Chitanda Eru every single time someone uses the ki ni narimasu phrase.

You don’t know what the sabbat is? Read up.

Opening updated with the official lyrics.

Girls In Black.

Dekomori keeps deathing. I try to keep up with her.

Her sleeptalk is such utter nonsense it’s funny.

If this spell is a reference to something, I don’t know what. Google couldn’t help me.

Now this reference I know. It’s Lina Inverse’s Dragon Slave from Slayers.

Consider Wicked Eye our dub version for Hiei’s 邪眼 (jagan) that her 邪王真眼 (jaou-shingan) refers to. It’s as different from the YuYu Hakusho dub’s Evil Eye translation as appropriate, considering she added 王 and 真/心 to it. (The 邪王 (jaou, tyrant) phrase was present in Hiei’s other abilities’ names though.)

I’d swear I’ve seen this pose somewhere before. Where?

I lost it. So hard.

Oh those Darkness Notes.

He put both omega and Z in the name, because both are “ultimate letters” (the end of an alphabet). There’s only one of that car in the world. It’s an environmentally friendly car that uses nuclear and solar energy to power its engines. It can do up to 500 km/h, and is armed with a 20mm cannon and small-caliber surface-to-air missiles.

Now you get it.

His tsukkomi lines are awesome.

She uses the word 厨房 (chuubou), which on the net refers to people who make childish, annoying posts on boards. Troll covers the meaning pretty well. Other options were nooblord and summerfag.


Interesting enough, Rikka’s name on here (邪王心眼, jaou-shingan) uses the kanji 心 (heart) instead of 真 (truth), as seen earlier (for example in the first episode’s title).

You know that “point of no return”?

And so it begins.

They’re fighting on the Oumi Bridge (近江大橋 oumi-oohashi). You can see other local scenery in the background as well, such as the Aeon Mall of Kusatsu.

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9 thoughts on “Chuunibyou 04 – notes and the like

  1. “Shitposter” is the best translation for 厨房 I can think of, but I can only imagine how much butthurt that one would cause.

  2. Trolls implies malicious intent, so I doubt this is a good translation in this case.

    Anyway, time till Za Warudo? After Dragon Slave I cannot imagine them missing to drop a stand or two.

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