Editing/typesetting review: [gg] Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! – 04

Saving the best for last.

gg released one minute earlier, so I will review theirs first.



I see what you did there.

The audio doesn’t cut out or anything so I dunno why this em dash is here.

>previous lines have stuttering
>this one doesn’t


It seems like a bunch of this line is missing if you guess by the timing (it’s not, though) so it should go on way longer than it does and the next line should be \an8 or something.

This is so literal I can smell it from here ;_; Something like “My real youth starts now” would be at least a little better.

Should be italicized.

Yeah, this just doesn’t work at all. I guess you can always blame the writer for writing an insanely unfunny/bad joke.

I laughed at the unexpectedly good translation (but not at the show).


You could just solve this by I dunno, like, moving all the lines here up (since they’re linked) instead of when the scrolling text starts to run into it.


wtfno. Also, that “z” sure looks like a “2”. Cool font.

I’d go with something less jagged for the font, but as we’ve just seen, it could be worse.

Should be darker.

Kinda lazily done as he unrolls the paper but the sign just fades it, yet it could be worse.

No reason to mask this and it’s not particularly well done, but I guess the viewers wont notice.

No problem here.

What you should do is add more blur.

See above.

I’m guessing this is not two layers, which is why it looks so bad.

Wow. Just wow. This lagged playback for me for about 30 seconds because it’s a complicated font with multiple signs on screen that changes size. Oh, and you can’t even read the bottom part for half the time. It’s not even a good font either.

I… I understand nothing.

blur pls

This is acceptable.

Could be worse.

This is good, though.

See the “SANASANA” in English? Yeah, that’s what the typesetting should look like. Not this awful shit.

See above.

The hell happened to the “Mark as best answer” part?

This is okay.

Good thing I didn’t want to read this. Also, it should be darker and slightly transparent.

Sure wish this was typeset.

Needs another layer so the font can have blur.

See above for the “Tune in next time!” part.


Editing: 5/5. The chuu2-ness of Rikka and Dekomori (and occasionally other characters) is captured better than I had expected. You can actually tell how retarded they sound from the subs.

Typesetting: C-. It’d probably be like a B or B- if not for that insanely laggy sign. That’s by far the worst part of this release.

Timing: So many bleeds 😦

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