Hyouka 09 – notes and the like

Might not be perfect English, but it gets the idea through. I don’t know why it’s in this episode when it wasn’t in any others before (at least I didn’t realize). They don’t reference any more real places, people, groups or events than in earlier episodes.

She’s so moe, I might bear with her eccentricity for one night (or two, depending on her performance).

This is probably a false image. I simply can’t imagine that high school freshmen (15-16 years old) would react like that to whiskey candy. (At least in my high school if you mentioned whiskey people thought of bottles and not candy. True, I’m not Japanese.)

He speaks and acts the typical tough boy style.

Very few anime can make me facepalm, but this guy is way above the limit to trigger that.

She’s got a point here, but still her character is getting more and more annoying every episode.

He’s so… not Japanese. Not even funny anymore after the first minute.

If you say so. I’d say it is the same.

Another what? Another faggot. Why can’t there be just… normal characters?

I read that book like a million times. You should as well if you haven’t already.

More Holmes stories for you.

Here you go with the floor plan that showed up in the last episode as well. With translations this time.

The editing is the best thing in this show.

This is a timing derp. There is a missing line, and that’s the cause. My bad. “Oh please, that simply won’t do! But I can’t say I’m all that surprised.” “This is the key.” “A rope?” “As you know I’m on the prop team…”

Oh god be with us, a drunk Chitanda. I can’t imagine anything more dangerous.

I don’t know why Nakajou said the scene was improvised – it’s quite clearly all written there. It’s not really worth translating, but I’m such a nice guy, so here it is for you.

Kounosu “I’ll go get the master key.”
Senoue “I’m coming too!”

I think it’d be the best if you shot this as one scene until they opened the lock.
When they open the door, only the boys enter the room. (The girls line up at the door.)

Kaitou is lying in the room. It’s obvious at first sight that his arm is hurt badly. He doesn’t respond when they call out to him.

Sugimura “Kaitou!”

The boys rush in.
It doesn’t matter who goes first.
As he tried to awaken, Sugimura realized his hands were covered in blood.

Sugimura “B-B-Blood!”
Girls together (scream)
Katsuta “Damn it! Who did this?”

Katsuta tries to open the window (it seems to be damaged to be careful with the glass)

Take a thorough shot of the outside of the window. Be sure not to disturb the tall grass outside the window.

Then Katsuta tries going in the stage’s direction, but the paths to the stage and the backstage are both blocked by junk.

Watch them.

Those notes are kind of relevant. Give them a read.

I didn’t expect this to actually get typeset. I don’t know what it’s referencing. The characters on screen appear to be 用心 (youshin), but I couldn’t find any historical play or movie that it may fit. If you know what it’s about, do enlighten me.


The human form scub coral has awakened! Beware!

It’s a Matsuo Bashou haiku.

Summer grass:
That’s all that remains
Of warriors’ dreams.

And in Japanese:


This summer grass was mentioned earlier, when Nakajou tries to figure out the problem with the grass under the window.

It’s nice to finish with poetry.

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2 thoughts on “Hyouka 09 – notes and the like

    • Love the reviews. Been hearing a lot of trash talk about haters and how slow Hyouka is and I’ve been watching it from the beginning. It’s beautiful and loads of fun. Some people just can’t stand there not being jiggly boobs, mecha, or aliens eating people. (Not that those anime’s aren’t good, just people who try to lump stuff together). Hyouka got me seeing stuff and wondering, ok… is that important. The Kanya Festival Eps have me curious as to who’s stealing everything, and why do people keep coming to the Classics group for help. Applejuice, tarot card, go checker things… I’m sure there were others.

      Looking forward to 10-13. Good work! 🙂

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