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Joshiraku 10 – notes and the like

Joshiraku 09 – notes and the like

Joshiraku 08 – notes and the like

Well, here we go. It’s taken quite a while, but now everything’s back in order. Episode 8 is released and further episodes are in the making too. For now let’s just check the horribly punny eighth episode.


Joshiraku 07 – notes and the like

It’s that time again. By the way, last week I actually went to a rakugo theater in Asakusa (Tokyo) – it was fun, but it didn’t blow me away.


Joshiraku 06 – notes and the like

This episode (too) was very, very punny.


Joshiraku 05 – notes and the like

Joshiraku 04 – notes and the like

Joshiraku 03 – notes and the like

Delayed by my exams, here comes Joshiraku episode 3. (As I still have exams next week, expect episode 4 to be likewise late.)


Joshiraku 02 – notes and the like

The second episode was even tougher than the first and featured an even bigger number of puns that necessitate these notes.


Re: Joshiraku not meant to be subbed

Caphi wrote a lengthy post about why he thinks that Joshiraku is not meant to be subbed. To start from the conclusion, I must say that he’s probably right.