Joshiraku 09 – notes and the like

Honestly, I have no idea how this “joke” is supposed to be funny, but it’s the punchline, so I pulled a pun on pole and stick.

Intended reference to the a brewin’ meme.

That’s the Ueno Zoo (seen in part B). The cat resembles the one from Natsume Yuujinchou. The next scene is Disneyland, and you even get professional depictions of Dolan and Gooby. The one after that is a reference to KidZania.

These puns are the level of Hankyuu very much. They’re horrible, but this is what we love Joshiraku for, isn’t it? (キグ, ギグ, 寄付, ギブ)

Happy Meal is called Happy Set in Japan.

Which reminds me of all the BD-only OVAs waiting for me to translate them. The cards are the same 九頭龍 (kyuutouryuu) as what showed up back in Ano Natsu. Yu-Gi-Oh reference.

The bottom is probably Mickey Mouse. Top right is Korosuke from Kiteretsu Daihyakka. Left is Sergeant Frog (Keroro Gunsou). After the background switch that’s Anpanman.

There are a bunch of characters with hairstyle like that (in Precure and Tokimeki Memorial among others). Personally it reminded me of Dragon Kid from Tiger & Bunny.

Compulsory Marii butt scene.

So many references. Yuruyuri, Nakaimo, Dakara H, Cobra and Gachaman among others.

Hotel Miracosta and Club 33, both in the Disney resort.

In Japanese, “your ass is blue” means “you’re childish”.

They’re twisting the Japanese kids’ song titled Red Shoes.

The Sea Sheperd Ady Gil.

My mistake. I presumed that she’s responding to Kukuru’s comment, while what she says is actually totally unrelated. She points out that flamingos stand on one leg because the water is cool. (They thus minimize the body area that touches the water and heat loss resulting from that.)

She’s quoting Jugemu.

More threads. Most are about Marii’s ass, but there’s also Kouga Ninpouchou, Ribon-chan’s English, and Kuruneko.

She explains how lesser is the comparative of less. Go learn some more English, Gankyou.

She says “brown panda”, but it’s really called red panda in English.

A real bar in Asagaya, Tokyo.



Remember those “naked rats”. Just remember them. They’ll be relevant in a series later this season.

This line is mistimed. It should go at the end of her previous sentence.

References. So many. Faithful Elephants is a Japanese novel, a war drama. Gon, the little Fox is another very sad story. The Happy Prince is Oscar Wilde’s work. Tarou and Jirou were dogs with the Japanese expedition to the South Pole. Milo is from the Adventures of Milo and Otis, alternatively titled Adventures of Chatran. Hachiko is the famous faithful dog of Shibuya.

Pimo’s the Weekly Jump’s obscure mascot character.

Ask someone who can read calligraphy to “translate” that “map”. (Most of it will be family names anyway.)

The Japanese phrases (惰眠をむさぼる damin wo musaboru and 寝ぎたない negitanai) do.

Literal translation of the Japanese proverb 果報は寝て待て (kahou wa nete mate).

桜餅 (sakuramochi).

I sense Idolm@ster references here.

This almost killed me.

Even more references. How many do you recognize? Cheat sheet for you:

  • Gankyou’s competitors (Miss Glasses Frame): Hanekawa Tsubasa (Bakemonogatari), Akizuki Ritsuko (Idolm@ster), Manabe Nodoka (K-On!) and Takatsuki Ichika (Ano Natsu)
  • Tetora’s competitors (Miss Young Sunday): Birdy Cephon Altera (Birdy the Mighty), Mochizuki Yuki (Tomehane), Oda Mari (Toritsu Mizushou) and Wakamatsu Miyuki (Miyuki)
  • Kukuru’s competitors (Miss Chuo Line): –
  • Kigu’s competitors (Miss Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths): Mihama Chiyo (Azumanga Daioh), Kyon’s sister from Haruhi, Hiiragi Main (Cooking Idol) and Last Order (Index)
  • Masked girl’s competitors (Miss No Make-up): Predator warrior (Predator), Tiger Mask (Tiger Mask), Kinniku Suguru (Kinnikuman) and Perman 1 (Perman)

Thomas the Tank Engine with the face of Morimoto Reo, who was the narrator of the Japanese dub.

Again a reference to Ebizou and his affair with tequila. Ebi means shrimp, thus his “necklace”.

Tetora’s wearing the golden mask from Kinnikuman. The red jar next to Marii is from the Genie Family. In the background you get one of the Easter Islands’ Moai statues, a pile of gold ingots and a barrel of oil.

Tetora is Arin, Kukuru is Reni, Kigu is Shiorin, Gankyou is Momoka and the masked girl is Kanako.

Time for that spinning top.

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7 thoughts on “Joshiraku 09 – notes and the like

  1. It’s maybe worth mentioning that last part itself is a reference to the “Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly”. Also I think one of the cats looks like Haa-san from Sketchbook fullcolors.

    Thank you for your work!

  2. >Remember those “naked rats”. Just remember them. They’ll be relevant in a series later this season.
    Tell me what series that is.

  3. A Precure nut identified that girl as Cure Dream for me, from Yes! Precure 5.

    And that’s probably they one they took as an examplar of that hairstyle.

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