Translation review: [Hiryuu] Oniai 01

Hiryuu released Oniai too.

No slut dialog.

The general practice is to write it Shinjuku-ku. Also, calling it “mount” might be a bit of an overkill. This isn’t the Japanese Alps, it’s the middle of Tokyo.

That’s 600 extra.

This must be intentional. If so, it’s hilarious.

Yeah, “embrace” is the perfect word here, but three-liners are a practice you definitely should not embrace.

“We don’t have the budget for that!”

This line would fit in a Nutbladder or gg release, but not here. Just too far off from what’s said.

I appreciate what they tried here, but it didn’t work out. The pun doesn’t make any sense if you translate the Ana-san half of it but not the hole part. Not an easy one for sure.

In my interpretation, she’s willing to take the virginity of all four of them. I have some doubts regarding how she’d accomplish that for the three other girls involved…

I can’t say the ending translations or even the transcription is correct, but for this show, it should do.

Conclusion: Great

Nothing worthy of mention here. The translation is accurate enough to understand the little story there is. It’s nothing outstanding and it has its little mistakes, but it’s good.

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10 thoughts on “Translation review: [Hiryuu] Oniai 01

  1. That three-liner… was not like that in aegisub. “Akiko mad now.” was 100% intentional. I was unable to find a way to make the “hole” pun work. The rest, well, I’m just the editor, not the TL or TLC.

  2. Now funi has taken it, you may as well review that too. Watching this shit for fourth time must be a lot better than the second viewing…

    Also, the “hole” pun… wouldn’t something with “anal” work? I have to see how Copolla handled this… but that would mean actually watching something from this show again…

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