Jormungand 13 – notes and the like

We’re back in business, guys.

His name is Jonah, by the way.

Looks like an FNC to me. AKSU-74 it is.

As koda pointed out in the release post, the opening is even worse distorted than the first season’s. Even the lines I/we could make out made close to no sense at all, so yeah, I took some liberties translating it. Define “liberties”: I translated it as what I think they’re singing about, based on the words I hear and the context. Pretty much a guesslation. Not to mention the Engrish in there is so horrible it had to be retranslated too. I can’t wait to see the official lyrics once the single’s released…

Port Elizabeth is a real major city (also known in the local language as Ebhayi) in South Africa. I find it amusing that they don’t mention real countries in the anime (when it comes to conflicts – remember Republic T?), but they name cities without any hesitation. Also that car in the foreground looks like a Ford Focus to me, but I may be wrong is a Citroën C4.

Her speech is like a drunk butterfly, fluttering about. She switches topics back and forth every sentence.

Half-Chinese, of course. Our bad.

Märchen means fairy tale in German.

I couldn’t help myself and put a Destination Truth reference there. What a stupid troll I am!

I don’t know if it’s based off a real rocket. HEAS-SL stands for Hekmatyar Aerospace Sea Launch division.

Here begins a French rap insert song. By the sound of it, it’s real French, not some Japanese guy attempting to pronounce just one word correctly. However, with all the dialog and noise, not to mention how quiet it is in the background, we had no hopes of actually figuring out the lyrics. Some French guys from Twitter attempted to do it for us (thanks!), here’s what they came up with:

Destruction du monde comme on dit souvent dans le champ de bataille
… canaille
… jamais identique
… détail
expédition …
tout est dans le sens …
les pétards …
… une guerre
involontaire (commentaire? complémentaire?)
mais tu es fainéant
embauchent les géants engageant des contradictions à des militaires
executifs qui deviennent des fugitifs
Mon ambition, large comme le ciel … (le noir?) coule dans mes veines
je mélange le rougeavec le noir l’amour et la haine…
définition … (r)évolution
Mon ambition attaque chaque pays dans le silence (epique?)
s’atténuisant … des secrets… (sont très courts?) des faits historiques
définition de ma mémoire… changent le monde en paix
mes armes sont réveillées
l’amour et la haine definition de ma mémoire

My French knowledge is pretty much limited to the common words with English and German (and of course the two must-have phrases of “Je t’aime” and “Je ne parle pas francais”), so I have no idea what it’s about. If you could figure out more of the lyrics, do let me know.

Bersaglieri are units in the Italian army.

If this is a joke of some kind, I’m not getting it.

I copied the job definitions from the CIA website (except for the Case Officer, since I couldn’t find a description for that).

People have pointed out (correctly) that if her name is based on the German word for witch (which it is), then it should be spelled Hexe. However, that’s pronounced [ˈhɛksə], and would (probably) be turned into katakana as ヘクセ (hekuse). On the other hand, her name is clearly pronounced as ヘックス (hekkusu), which reflects the pronunciation of “hex”. Not to mention the Japanese wiki lists her as Hex too (and we all know the wiki can’t be wrong).

Colt Government M1911 and H&K P7.

Looks like a Gulfstream IV to me.

Everyone’s favorite lyrics translator fnord insisted to do the ending (I want to do the ED please), so blame him if something’s amiss.

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13 thoughts on “Jormungand 13 – notes and the like

  1. Destination Truth is an awesome show. Any references to it is automatically awesome.

    I applaud the attempt to work out the OP. It’s one of those songs that, once you look at the official lyrics, you have to stop and go “they’re seriously saying THAT? where did these people learn to enunciate their own language?”. The first season was pretty funny, in that regard.

    Thanks for the work. Jormungand is an awesome show.

  2. translation of the song
    World destruction as we often say on the battlefield
    … rogue
    … never identical
    … detail
    all is in the meaning(same spelling as “the way you go”)…
    the firecrackers…
    … a war
    involuntary (commentary? complementary?)
    but you are lazy
    hire the giants engaging contradiction to executive soldiers becoming fugitives
    my ambition , wide like the sky .. (the black?) flows in my veins
    i mix red and black, love and anger…
    definition… revolution
    My ambition attacks each country in silence (epic?)
    attenuating…secrets… (are really short?) historic facts
    definition of my memory… changes the world into peace
    my arms are awaken
    love and anger definition of my memory

    feel free to correct my grammar or my translation, as it’s rap there might be puns i can’t really translate like with “sens”.

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