Typesetting review: Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect typesetting review

Groups:Commie, Doki-Chihiro, rori



(not me)

I have no idea which white one “Dumb wrestling nut” applies to. If it’s the bigger white thing I’d gugest putting it at the top.

I’d suggest putting “Iori, I love you” to the right of “Cute”.

Mostly fine.

The “AAAAA” on the left should be “uuuuuuuuuu” since it’s part of “I love you”.

I’d swap “I want to eat curry” and “Don’t give up if you’re a man!” around.

These all need some \fry. Also, Eraser Dust was probably not the best font choice for the chalkboards.

The Mocha for this is not perfect. Also, a thinner font would probably look better.

A for effort?

Bad font choice. No blur.

Should be more blue.

Should be darker.

Rotation is a bit off. Also, the color should slightly change across the sign.

Could use some \frx and \fry.

Should be taller.

\frz is a bit off. It just looks weird in general.

These are fine.

Should be to the left a bit.

This is where having a thinner font would help.

See previous comments.

I have no idea what these are for. It’s not even translated. Also, it would probably look better as hi/to/r/a/nd/om.

Why isn’t the yellow part translated?


Can’t even read 2 of them because your shitty karaoke overlaps it. Good job.

Only one overlap this time. Also, dunno why they drew the strikeout for the bottom part instead of just using the strikeout feature of .ass.

This is fine.

Cool overlapping. Also see my comments on Commie’s about the “AAAAAH!” part.

Mostly fine.



Chinacat – not a good font choice for this sign.

The “Episode” part is good, but it could be bigger to match the “#2”. The other part, whoever, is pretty bad.

Bad font choice.

Fine except the font.

Color is totally off.

Also ends a frame too early.

Font, etc.

I don’t get it. Why didn’t they do this like the current episode title above?

This time, translated. Good job, Doki-Chihiro.

Missing some parts for no reason. At least they made part of the “Let’s go” yellow, though I’m pretty sure it should be “Let’s go to Rand (or whatever)”.


Could use more blur, but at least they didn’t use the same fucking font for everything.

Good font choice.

A good way to do this.

The rotation and the spacing between the words looks weird. Also, more blur.


The left side should be lighter.


Nothing wrong with this.

See my comment on Commie’s version.

It’s fine.


Commie: B-. Did the most signs, but some of them could be better.

Doki-Chihiro: C. Some of this looks suspiciously like Commie’s typesetting (especially since they made the same mistake during the OP and the last sign) but I won’t jump to any conclusions. p.s. you got like 10 extra fonts because you use Aegisub 2.1.9’s font collector. You should probably stop using 2.1.9 in general. Not sorted by time.

rori: B. Would be like an A- if the typesetter wasn’t allergic to blur. 😦

Also, I’ll add Oyatsu’s version if they ever release it.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Kokoro Connect

  1. I’m not against blur, but I’m way too afraid of overusing it, since it’s too easy to use way too much, that’s why it “lacks blur” always, in his opinion. I don’t think it should weight as much as it does now in your reviews, since it’s something that’s really up to the person who’s watching, what looks way too blurry for me, can look fine for you, or even lacking blur.

    • Nope. It looks bad to me so you lose points for it. This will never change and this is obviously how I will always judge every review I ever do.

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