Typesetting review: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

KoiChoco typesetting review

Groups:Doki, Hadena, m.3.3.w, Pomf, Sigh, SubDESU, WhyNot



Nice that you translated it and all, but it’s hard to read when your cancer-tier karaoke goes over it.

Should be 2 layers.

Font should be bolder.

I am mildly impressed. How did they manage to get the mask color wrong? Apparently, they also forgot what blur is.

No blur, which is funny because…

…they put in all this effort here.

Translating only the most important of signs (also, this looks nothing like the original).

Your perspective is off a bit there, Doki.

BTW, here is what it looks like without the mask. The color and font are not even remotely close. Impressive.

That should definitely be in the middle, not at the bottom.

Well, they did it I guess.

[X] One layer
[X] Covers part of the original sign
[X] Doesn’t use any frx/fry so the perspective is wrong

Good work, Doki.

This sign moves by way too fast to read (which is why they also put the TL at the top). Apparently, they still thought it was a good idea to poorly typeset it. Don’t use fucking Chinacat. It’s like Comic Sans but slightly less bad. It doesn’t match either.

I think I figured out why they’re masking signs that have plenty of room. I think the typesetter has no idea how to replicate the original signs so he just does this.

There’s a lot going on here and I don’t like any of it.

Yeah, this definitely has a blurred border too.


Off to a great start.

Didn’t even try, did ya?

This isn’t even rotated correctly.

Somehow, this is worse than Doki’s. Jesus Christ.

What is even going on here?

Try again 😦

Just wow.

I’m sure they could do much worse.


This is the lazy way to do it.

wtf no


Pretty good. Would be better with 2 layers.

Could be a lot worse.

Acceptable other than the colors being wrong. 2 layers would help for the “Financial Affairs Department Manifesto”.

This is okay.

Too bad they just didn’t do part of it.

I have no idea why they didn’t typeset this. It just moves in a straight line.

This is acceptable.

This, not so much.


The correct way to do this. However, the color should slightly change from left to right.


Should be bigger.

Taking advice from Hadena?

Where’s the border, bros?


Not digging it. Also, would look better with 2 layers.

This is alright.

The top-middle part is missing half of the TL, the middle sign is missing and the very bottom randomly has less blur than the rest. Good otherwise.

More blur plx


Well, some of it is there at least.

These are all right.

So lazy 😦

This is exactly how it should look. The other groups should just steal this, because it doesn’t get much better.


Most of it is the same as Doki’s release. Just look at that.


SubDESU is so fucking good.

This is what happens when you have the Font Name wrong in the style 😦

This is what these should actually look like.

So good.


Not typeset. At all.


Doki: C-. It could be a lot worse, but it’s not very good. Especially masking things that don’t need to be a using a totally different font/color for them. Arial was also used somewhere in this release. What the fuck. Not sorted by time.

Hadena: D. So bad. Arial. Not sorted by time.

m.3.3.w: C+. Mostly okay. Not sorted by time.

Pomf: B. Pretty solid.

Sigh: N/A – See Doki’s. Arial + all the fonts are included twice which totals like 16MB. Wtf. Not sorted by time.

SubDESU: F. Please stop typesetting. Stop using Arial holy shit. Not sorted by time.

WhyNot: F.

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5 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

    • It means the subtitles aren’t sorted by time…

      Anyway, the problem is it can cause bugs with VSFilter, especially with multiple layers + blur.

  1. I think the same person typeset both Sigh and Doki’s release of ep 2. So I wouldn’t exactly call it stealing. Also, Sigh is planning on v2ing that ep, and that v2 will contain fixes for a lot of the TS. Just a heads-up.

    • Correct, but to be exact sine i also work in doki i jointed with the typesetter there since it was too much for us both alone.

      Instead of stealing call it an unofficial joint.

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