Typesetting review: Sword Art Online

SAO typesetting review

Groups:Commie, Cynic, Derp, Hadena, Hatsuyuki, NyanTaku, UTWoots



(not me)

Episode 2

Top layer could use a bit more blur. Also, it could be bigger.

Dunno why this is so small.

See above.

Would look better with a small white shadow.

Nice attention to detail, but you can’t really read it where it’s at.

This is good.

I’d make the bottom part taller.

Episode 3

The lack of blur is pretty obvious for this one.

See above.

Dunno why this has no blur.

The bottom layer is a bit too far away. At least, it’s hard to read like this.

Blur, etc.

The bottom layer here should be dark blue.

Color’s a little off.

I’d make this bigger.

See my comments for episode 2.


Episode 2


Episode 3

Should be 2 layers and the fade is way off.

Surprised they even managed to make a gradient. Wonder if they did it manually because the effect field doesn’t have the gradient factory stuff.

See above.

Wrong color.

See above.

At least they typeset it. The sign moves but the typesetting doesn’t follow it very well.

At least it’s typeset.

See above.

I’d say this looks worse than not typesetting it.

See above.

No idea why this doesn’t take up the entire box.


See above.


Episode 2

2 layers, etc.

Derp subs indeed.

Looks like shit with only 1 layer.

Too dark, no \fax.

This one doesn’t even have blur.

Why is it so squished? Also, the shadow is too big.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t like any of it.

Way too dark.

See above.

Episode 3

See my comments from episode 2.

Rotation is wrong, too small, no blur, wrong color.

See above.

Should be lighter and have more blur.

Nothing is good about this.

See above.

Might want to pick a font where the parentheses are actually round.

See episode 2.


Episode 2

They didn’t even translate half of it. Awesome. (p.s. the default font is really awful)

Hadena never disappoints.

This also starts like 3 frames late.

I want whatever drugs Hadena’s typesetter is on.

Episode 3

Nope, still as bad as episode 2.


Episode 2

Don’t think the top layer is supposed to have a border, bros.

No blur, 1 layer, no border.

See above.

Too dark.

Too bad you didn’t etch this sign out with a laser.

But really, the rotation is way off and there’s no blur.

Where’s the blur?

Nice clipping.

Blur, etc.

Too dark.

At least they made it pretty big, unlike the other groups. Also, see above.

Episode 3

See my episode 2 review.

That is a lot of fucking blur. Also, the \frz is off.

See episode 2.

Too much \fry. Also, the color is off.

See episode 2.


Episode 2

Bottom layer is the wrong color. Also, it could be bigger.

Why does the top layer not have blur? And what the hell is going on with the border?

Blur please.

See above.

Font’s way too thick.

Rotation’s off for all of them and you can’t even read “Coat of Midnight” where it’s placed.

Needs a bit more blur and a thinner font would help, but it’s good otherwise.

More blur.

See above.

Episode 3

Upon second thought, these could really use more blur.

See episode 2.

See above.

It can’t be helped.

Changing the \frz values slightly across the line doesn’t work so well, as you can see here.

See above.

Ignoring the fuck up, this font is way too thick.

So is this one.

See above.

The fuck happened here?

See episode 2.


Episode 2

Does that really look the same to you?

I have no idea what’s going on here, but it looks bad.

Not centered, colors for the gradient should start brighter and end darker. The outside border should be darker as well.

Dunno about you guys, but I can’t read this since it’s small and backwards and on screen for not very long. It looks bad, too. The font is way too thick.

Just no.

That is way too much blur.

See above.

Too dark, should have some \fax.

Yeah, that doesn’t stick out or anything.

Can’t read the item he’s clicking on and the rest have wrong rotation and are too dark.

I assume it’s supposed to match the English from the studio on the left, but the font looks too different for that.

Too dark, too thick.

Cool timing error.

See above.

Episode 3

This episode, these signs are much more readable but have no blur. Not sure if that’s an upgrade.

See episode 2.

See above.

No blur, wrong color. Nice.

I’m kind of glad they didn’t attempt this.

See above.


Could be worse.

See above.

Just no. Don’t. Please stop.

See above.

Thanks for not trying.

No blur = no good.

See episode 2.


Commie: C+. The best typesetting here, but they didn’t do some seemingly important signs. Episode 3 isn’t sorted by time.

Cynic: F. If I ignored episode 2, this would be like a D or so. At least they sorted by time! Also, protip: you probably want to set the script resolution to the video resolution instead of 640×480. If you use Aegisub 3.0 it will ask you to change this when you open the script.

Derp: D. Mostly bad. Not sorted by time.

Hadena: F. Not sorted by time.

Hatsuyuki: C-. Could be a lot worse (like some of the other groups here) but it’s not so bad you don’t even want to look. A few of them are even done correctly. Not sorted by time.

NyanTaku: C+. Fucking up those signs really hurts. Font choice is also not the best and there could be more blur. Assuming they can not fuck up a bunch of signs in the future, they’ll probably have the best typesetting.

UTWoots: C-. Protip: typesetting is supposed to replicate the original Japanese sign, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Also, I’ll review EC-Sigh’s if they ever release episode 2 and 3. I’m not holding my breath, though.

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5 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Sword Art Online

  1. I’m sure this will be ignored as a n00b question not worthy of a reply, but…
    Since blur seems to be a major issue in most every TS review, would it be possible to give examples of the same TS with and without blur so those of us who aren’t as knowledgeable will know what you’re talking about?
    (Same pic, same style, same everything, but one with and one without this all-important “blur”.)

    Thank you in advance or never mind (depending on whether you respond or not).

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