Translation review: [UTW] Accel World 03

Episodes one and two were preaired, so the groups had quite a lot of time to work on them. Episode three was simulcasted, but UTW decided to use their own translation, which is funny, but as the subs say…

The opposite. “Did you already know Chiyuri?” Nuance etc.

腐れ縁 (kusare-en) isn’t just “friends forever”. Also dat encoding.

There are a bunch of lines that I don’t like in the opening, but I can all be explained as a difference in poetic tastes.

Well, isn’t this a glorious fuckup. No. “Linkers”, yes. You must beat five level 9 Linkers. Not just five anyone.

Literally, she’s got a prize on her head. Public enemy kinda works.

“She” is kind of a spoiler here. Why not use “my challenger” or something gender neutral? I know it’d be challenging for the editor, but still.

Nothing to complain about around here.

Cool story bro.

Conclusion: Great

The show itself is dull as fuck so it’s quite hard to make something great out of it, but except for a few derps and the mighty level 9 fuckup, I don’t have a thing to complain about. I hope they won’t mess up important plot stuff in the future, because I kind of gave them the benefit of doubt with this grade…

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8 thoughts on “Translation review: [UTW] Accel World 03

  1. I thought they released a fixed version of the script to fix the Level 9 fuckup…

    As stated on the release post:

    Raze EDIT: Sorry if you guys were confused about how many Level 9 Burst Linkers one must defeat to reach Level 10. One must beat another Level 9 Linker in each of the five times required, but we understand how the lines we had make it sound like only one victory against a Level 9 Linker is enough.
    The reworked lines are as follows:
    Hide «
    Dialogue: 4,0:04:33.66,0:04:35.37,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,You only need to win five times.
    Dialogue: 4,0:04:35.37,0:04:39.12,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,However, they must come from beating other Level 9 Linkers.
    Dialogue: 4,0:04:39.12,0:04:44.90,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,A single loss will strip you of all your points, and Brain Burst will be forcefully uninstalled.
    You can download the fixed script (along with other tweaks and edits throughout) HERE, or by navigating our script repository. Due to logistical and stylistic concerns, we probably won’t release a v2 for this episode until the mid-series batch.

  2. Vale, it renders fine for everybody else thus > your problem.

    Do you honestly think that for 2 episodes a broken font for the ED would get past anybody?
    Protip: If something looks wrong font-wise, there’s a high possibility it’s you.

  3. It renders fine on Windows (checked in vlc), but on linux it shows what I screenshot in both vlc and mplayer. The torrent checks out too. I have no idea what causes it, but it looks funny.

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