Translation review: [Commie] Sankarea 04


What can you learn from this? If you drink, you’ll be gutted like a fish.

No. This is what you hear so often on the net. “You heard the news?” “That’s old. Should I tell you what’s really new?”

No. “What do you mean by that?” Her mother hasn’t heard the news yet.

I appreciate the effort but this just doesn’t work.

I’d put something more cynical instead of “hard for her”. She quite clearly implies that Aria is (sexually) unsatisfied.

Some sense. That’s what this line lacks. “In addition to learning how to sew, it also serves as a short time for meditation.”

Unrelated to the translation I’m just wondering that without a pulse how can she blush and why doesn’t she have livor mortis.

How could you typo musume?! Just how on Earth can you defile the Japanese language to such a degree?!

That glow gives the line such a wonderful rose-colored atmosphere.

I smirked. Problem, officer?

The line gets it all through quite well, but with that background art even if it was a Shakespeare quote I wouldn’t care. Is that really drawn?!

This is quite liberal, but I love it.

I cracked.


I laughed.

No. “I think they bought it.”

Conclusion: Okay

There are quite a bunch of mistranslations, especially in the first half. If episode 3 was great, this can’t be.

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