Jormungand 03 – notes and the like

If you spot a bird on the picture, that must be a desert eagle.

If you wonder about the way he speaks: he’s really vulgar, and really obsessed with this whole orchestra analogy.

A real gentleman. I had fun with his lines and so did the editor. The result is pure awesomeness.

She keeps her private parts fresh during work like that.

I’m not trolling. He really says that.

I can’t wait for the single to come out and with it the official lyrics…

A lot times three is still a lot. My math is somewhere around that level as well, considering I managed to somehow mishear 22 as 14. Don’t ask me how.

Considering that an average machine gun magazine holds under 100 bullets that’s really a lot.

He’s such a good-mannered child.

Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said oh no!

This line is mistimed. It’s her next sentence. Because of this, the next few lines (until Chinatsu’s line) are off as well.

I hope you enjoy your daily dose of music puns.

I honestly looked all around Dubai’s map for a mall that’s called something like Al Silop, but I couldn’t find any. If you can, please do tell me.

Oh look how mad he is.

Gun talk.

屁のこき合い (he no kokiai). I fell off my chair.

This line is mistimed as well.

I put “boom blasters” because it feels right. “Explosive bullets” (which is literally what he says, 爆発弾 bakuhatsu-dan) doesn’t.

The 40mm is the “boom blasters” from earlier. The AK is the Kalashnikov, the machine gun.

This line is mistimed as well. What the fuck is going on here.

This is so deep.

Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said oh no! Next episode looks like fun.

I apologize for the timing derps in this episode, They will get fixed.

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