Translation review: [Hatsuyuki] Sankarea 02

The Hatsuyuki people release Sankarea later than the other groups, so let’s see what takes so long…

I remember some other group making this very same mistake. First of all, that’s supposed to be pleasure (快楽 kairaku) and not answers (回答 kaitou), which can’t be read as “kaidaku” and doesn’t fit in the context at all. There were other suspiciously familiar mistakes as well, so I just started a text search in my Sankarea folder… Oh right. It’s the same as SFW’s or Hadena’s. The translation seems to be original, and except for a bunch of misheard words, all right.

Old-fashioned makes no sense here.

He’s going so far as trying to revive his cat. I doubt he’d refer to his beloved cat as an “it”.

I personally like this line. It’s original.

These lines are written very well.

I think that this is a flashback, and in that case it should be “around that time” and not “recently”. After this photo her father took at least one more (when she tried to oppose him), and at that age you wouldn’t call something from over a year before “recent”. The following lines should be in past tense as well, it’s a narrative in retrospect.

It’s not “and”, it’s “because”. She could become friends with her because she was wealthy so his father tolerated it.

“Acceptable” just isn’t acceptable here.,


This is literal and misses the point, Spoiled or something.

Trance? Or trance? Nope. He’s just senile.

This line is just too awkward.

Sad isn’t the right word here.

These lines are good by themselves, but the connection between the two is entirely lost.

This just doesn’t cover the whole meaning of the line.

I don’t like the ending song enough to watch it all again. The lines I saw are okay except for a few typos.

Conclusion: Okay

I’m in trouble. I really felt like giving this release a great, but then the mistakes kept piling up. There were many really good lines. A bit more effort could easily make this great.

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4 thoughts on “Translation review: [Hatsuyuki] Sankarea 02

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review our release, and also for the generally favorable opinion you have for it. That’s the most praise I’ve heard in a long time for anything I’ve ever worked on, which isn’t much of course, lol.

    Hopefully we can bump our overall quality to “Great” as the show goes on. You’ll keep doing these reviews until the show ends, right? I noticed that you’re doing the same for Commie and Eveyuu.

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