Eureka Seven AO 02 – notes and the like

The second episode starts with the opening song. It’s the general, speedy, shonen-anime kind of song, but who said that’s a bad thing. The lyrics are simple at least.

I’ve been confused about the setting of the show for a while. Eureka Seven’s world was totally new, and there was no mention of real countries. AO, however, keeps referencing real countries, real dates, real cultures and looking at that map I can’t really catch a glimpse of the half of the scub coral that didn’t leave for another dimension at the end of E7. And now they have photograph records from the 1940? Colored photographs? What exactly is going on here?

Apparently the UOA has a system very similar to modern Japan, because they call their army a self-defense force (commonly abbreviated as SDF).

Call it what you want is a New Kids on the Block song. I would’ve kind of preferred the Tesla one instead.

The official “translation” for that sign doesn’t mean much, does it now? It’s the abbreviation of Okinawan Marine Self-Defense Force 1st Marine Division High Speed Planing Boat. The name of the squadron, Shiisaa (シーサー) is the name of the characteristic guardian lion-dogs of Ryukyuan (Okinawan) culture.

This wasn’t worth translating in the release since it only flashes for a few frames, but here’s what the book says.

A “scub burst” is a catastrophe resulting from the emergence of the objects called “scub coral”. The scub coral is consist of a material highly reminiscent of corals, and contain large amounts of high energy particles called trapars. At the time of its emergence, the scub coral is unstable, which sometimes results in its explosion. In that case the energy contained within the scub coral is released all at once, resulting in unbelievable destruction.

The caption for the image says “The site of a scub burst explosion”. The book in the background is a basic junior high atlas.

I honestly wonder sometimes what age group are they targeting with this anime.

To me it looked like they had to avoid those “warning shots” quite actively…

I’d run if I were them.

How lucky. He happened to land just at the right spot. He should totally gamble.

I’m going to dye my hair the same shade of blue.

He’s hilarious.

Fujii Photo Gallery.

Finally an anime that considers gravitational forces.

She’s really talking to him telepathically.

Limitless badassery.

I wouldn’t mind waking up like this.

Most adults in the show are retarded, inconsiderate, aggressive and racist. It’s painfully realistic.

No, it’s cool.

These lines read very dirty without the context. Also, she uses the same Okinawan word for sea giant that the kid used in the previous episode.

I liked the fight in this episode, but there were some quite hard-to-hear lines as well. Let’s move on.

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2 thoughts on “Eureka Seven AO 02 – notes and the like

  1. Late as fuck, but oh well.

    >Eureka Seven’s world was totally new, and there was no mention of real countries.

    Actually, Dominic & the crew of that one ship travel to Warsaw in ep. 44 in the original. So, uh… you forgot Poland.

    (Plenty possible for it to be a naming coincidence, sure, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use that line :3 )

    • That wasn’t the Warsaw in Poland, it was named after it. In E7 the whole globe was covered in coral, the public didn’t even know that it’s Earth.

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