Typesetting review: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (updated)(again)

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia typesetting review

Groups: UTW-Underwater, Hadena, WhyNot, Commie



(this sign is repeated a bunch of times)

This is good too.

(this sign is repeated a bunch of times)

I’m not really sure why the typesetting isn’t placed on the sign. There’s definitely enough room.

This is much less blurry than the original sign.

Also good.

The lack of blur is much more apparent when the typesetting is large in size.

This is good but the sign barely goes off the edge of the screen.


This doesn’t really need a gradient. Also, the y in Story overlaps the sign.

Yeah, who needs blur.

Bad font, no blur.

Terrible clips.


Font sucks, should be bigger.

For some reason this scales from \fscx100 to \fscx98 which looks awful with VSFilter. Plus it’s completely unnecessary. This typesetting is a sign of someone who does not know how to use Mocha correctly.


The only decent sign.


Font should be serif.

Needs more blur.

The colors are a bit off on the middle too. Should be lighter.

This font is not even close.

This would look better as Club\NPresident so it could be bigger.

The clips in these lines are constructed in a way that does not work in VSFilter. I’m not sure if it works in libass either. WTF. For example, this http://privatepaste.com/2858758790.

This font sucks.

I am speechless.

Should be a serif font.


(not me)

There’s not really anything technically wrong with this but something seems a little off to me. Maybe I will understand next week.

Gradients sure are nice.

The font could be better. For example, the one UTW-UW used.

Too dark?

Nothing wrong here.


UTW-Underwater: A-. Nothing to see here, Officer.

Hadena: D+. Only like one and a half decent signs. Not sorted by time.

WhyNot: D. Font choices are terrible. Not sorted by time.

Commie: A-. This was a bit more attention to detail as far as gradients, blur, transparency and repetitive signs went but I liked some of the fonts UTW-Underwater used more.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (updated)(again)

  1. About the next ep title in the UTW release: The font weight doesn’t match the intended one in your screenshot, which is probably because you have multiple weights of Garamond installed yourself. It would show correctly to anyone who doesn’t (and thus would only have the attached font loaded), but it can obviously still be somewhat of an issue… Adding \b600 to the line should ensure that it doesn’t fuck up in the future for anyone, though.

    Also, regarding the “Open me and I’ll curse you!” sign: I decided to put it above the original sign for two reasons: It’s easier to read as just a single line and stuffing it as such to the sign itself would have made it too tiny in my opinion (and placing it as two lines around the original Japanese would’ve been pretty annoying to read), plus this way I had to do less masking. I obviously could have used more blur near the end when we get the grainy shaky shots of it, but I didn’t because large values of blur + frame-by-frame typesetting = lag extravaganza.

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