Translation review: [Commie] Haiyore! Nyarlko 01


Is that really all the panic you can stuff into the line?

The most important part of the show. They added the kaomoji, but the styling is nowhere as good as Underwater’s.

The opening has no Japanese, some typos and some lines feel off, but it gets the general idea through.

This is a reference to the 1957 movie The Mysterians. I remember hearing it in a bunch of other anime too, so I guess it’s well known enough that everyone understands that it’s a homage. It wouldn’t hurt if the English line was a reference too, something like “We come in peace”.

I could imagine some better (funnier) translation for the Japanese that describes his grades. “Slightly above average” is simply boring.

“I’ll keep the line clear between private and official!” This line is a bit too far off.

That typesetting.

This line doesn’t make sense like this, so unless this is how it comes up in Glass Mask, it’s not good.

This line doesn’t reflect his disapproval at all.

Same thing about separating private and official as earlier. At least they kept it consistent.

How the hell did that become “basics”?


This could be better. The translation feels dull compared to how she’s saying it.

It’s a bad idea to break the clause at the “of”.

This is good.

This isn’t.

The whole point is that it’s not chicken.

This isn’t good nor cute. (“The ineffective ones are the cutest.”)

The ending translation is a bit stiff but mostly okay.

Conclusion: Okay

The songs are okay. The script flows really well, but they missed a bunch of puns and that personal-official thing still bugs me (so do other editing overkills). If you use a (pro) translation like a simulcast, it takes effort to actually improve it (significantly). That effort is lacking in this release. (The Force is weak in it.)

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