Translation review: [Underwater-rori] Haiyore! Nyarlko-san 01

Don’t expect me to review simulcast edits in the future, there is a reason why I decided to give this show a look.


Sorry, I don’t care about the rest of the show. Just keep looping the U! Nya! part of the opening.


The translation of the opening song is okay, but it doesn’t really get the playfulness of the song across. The typesetting for the U! Nya! is awesome.

I don’t envy the translator of this show. In this one scene alone three dialog tracks overlap, and let’s just say that Nyarlathotep doesn’t put an effort into speaking in an easy to understand way.

If it looks like this to you, that’s the fault of your player. Sucks, doesn’t it.


Sure is meta for you.

I’ve seen better translations for 帰宅部 (kitakubu, lit. going home club)…

This is a reference to Glass Mask where this (地球!恐ろしい子 chikyuu! osoroshii ko) is a famous line of one of the characters. I don’t know how it’s translated to English in that manga, but I doubt it’s well known enough in the west. Might worth replacing with a similar line from another girl manga… But at least the line makes sense as is.

I don’t think that “forgive” is the best word choice here, but I can’t really come up with anything better at the moment either.


I know haiyore is in the series’ title, but still…

She uses an unusual phrase here (“middle of the strike zone”), so “my type” feels painfully ordinary here.


Why would you sub sound effects? (Not to mention “gao” is a howling sound for me.) Never mind me.

This “tears on my back” thing is just awkward.

It’s just cell division in general, not that it matters. The second half of the sentence is also audible, she starts talking about “the movement of the chromosomes”.

There are two problems with this line. The first is that this “are you sure” structure sounds very lame. The second is that this is a (very bad) pun in the Japanese. Very literally it would translate into “Are you really a human of a public organization?” Human (人間 ningen) in this context of course just means “man”, but the word choice is funny because she’s not human. What a joke. But if you’re editing a simulcast script, trying to make this a joke is reasonable effort. (I don’t know where they got the “safety” part either, it’s not said.)

The ending’s translation is probably accurate, but it’s so insanely stiff that I had trouble figuring out what some lines are supposed to mean.

Conclusion: Okay

There are a few derps, but the script is accurate as expected from a simulcast edit. The opening is really well done, but the ending pulls that under zero. The script is okay, but it doesn’t really feel like they put much effort into it. For a show with so many references and puns, that should be the bottom line. (Not to mention that if you nuke honorifics from the script, you could as well nuke it from the show title and filename.)

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One thought on “Translation review: [Underwater-rori] Haiyore! Nyarlko-san 01

  1. The “sound effects” you reference are actually names of Gundam units. The gag is that every time Mahiro hits her, she yells out the name of a different Gundam model.

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