Jormungand 01 – notes and the like

So Funico is messing with us again – they announced that they’d “simulcast” Jormungand, but they announced no schedule or anything. We assumed that they will do it latecasted if at all, so here I am working on it. I haven’t seen any competition around, so I don’t think there’s a need to look at it review-style. I’ll honestly point out mistakes in the script if I find any though (hopefully I won’t).

And thus a new project takes off

The first release was kind of chaotic, because I fell asleep and arrived two hours late, but I can promise that won’t happen anymore.

Though I devour the five lands
and drink the three oceans dry,
I am powerless against the sky,
for I have neither wings, nor legs, nor hands.
I am the world snake.
My name is Jormungand.

Jörmungadr is the Midgard Snake, the world snake of the Norse mythology. Notice the rhymes?


The opening song is a nightmare. I mean, it’s a really cool song, but with the insane speed and the distortion on the vocals, it’s close to impossible to catch any of it. I had to slow it down to 60%, raise the volume to 200% and use my headphones to actually figure it out. I can’t promise it’s 100% accurate, but we did what we could.

I have some trouble figuring out which country could be the location of the first arch. The introduction says it’s in East Europe, and judging from how much of a difference those weapon shipments could make, I guess it can’t be a superpower. They use Cyrillic, and the secret police guys have ВОСХОД (Voskhod) written on their badges, which is Russian for sunrise. Also it’s probably a seaside country (at least all the hassle about the harbor and customs gave me that impression), which pretty much leaves only Ukraine or Bulgaria. If you recognize the city in the anime, please tell me.

I’m always amazed what can editors do to a script. This line would be totally ordinary, but using “a screw loose” makes it awesome.

Lives’ stories.

チャカ (chaka) is a slang word for gun.


There is a half sentence missing here. “She always gets carried away…”


MiG-29 Fulcrum. Also the sentence is quite tough to figure out if you don’t know what he’s talking about.

This is a fuckup on the side of the anime makers. It’s supposed to be the ВОСХОД I mentioned earlier, but they mistook the Д for a Я.

FGM-148 Javelin, an American anti-tank missile.



The Mil Mi-24 (Hind D) is a Russian attack helicopter.


Yeah. The guy’s line should be “The way you roll around shows just how deep that shit is.”

Colonel John Matrix is the hero of the 1985 movie Commando, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I would’ve loved to see him in an anime.

Dove as in soft-liner, the opposite of hawk.

AA = air-to-air missile.

Jonah’s line @ 21:20 should be, “It’s not like me, but I think I’ll tag along.” Woops. (gg)


The ending was unexpectedly hard to figure out, but we dealt with it.

Also, that rap during the preview.

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