Translation review: [rori] Natsuiro Kiseki 01


Note: she refers to the stone as if it was a god (お石様 o-ishi-sama).


They did a karaoke for the opening, and though I don’t like the translation of a few lines, it’s quite well done. (Not to mention the song is quite good too.)


The translation style in general is quite liberal, but at least it flows well (much better than the animation of the show itself).

It may sound similar, but I wouldn’t call a semester’s closing ceremony (終業式 shuugyoushiki) “just an assembly” (集合式 shuugoushiki – I think it’s a common mistake even among Japanese (seeing Google hits), but no dictionaries I looked at have this word, and I looked at quite a few).

登校日 (toukou-bi) are just days when you have to go to school. I wonder where that “mid-break check up” came from.

お疲れ様 (otsukaresama) is one of the hardest-to-translate Japanese greetings. Well handled.

The ending doesn’t have karaoke (and by karaoke I mean ktiming).

Conclusion: Great

Except for a few minor mistakes and a few (probably player-specific) typesetting issues, it’s very well done. I haven’t seen any other releases so far of this show, but rori’s is a good choice even if some pop up later.

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