Typesetting review: Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki typesetting review

Groups: Warui-TEST, rori


Simple but effective.

Looks good, but I’d pick a color closer to the middle or maybe even have a gradient.

Font choice isn’t very good, no blur, color is off.

Also ends one frame too late.

Mask doesn’t cover the entire area as you can see in the top-right corner. Also, font needs blur.


Looks pretty good but again no blur.

See above.

Colors are wrong which makes the masks stand out. Also, no blur.

Same bad font choice and lack of blur. Also, the rotation on the bottom part of the typesetting is off.

Entire thing is off by about 4 frames. Also, no blur.


This looks oddly familiar.

I like the gradient

All the signs are a bit off, no blur.

No blur, would look better in the middle of the text instead of on one side.

This moves along with the phone as it vibrates which is nice, but again no blur is used.

This really does look better with blur.

This is great.

Needs blur.

This looks good.

This looks good too.


Warui-Test: C+. They obviously just took rori’s typesetting from the pre-airing and didn’t do anything to it. Some of them look pretty bad because they weren’t fixed.

rori: B. Most are fine, just need some blur.

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