Translation review: [SubDESU] Medaka Box 01


The show starts with some abysmal typesetting then continues on with the opening after a short speech. The panty shots might distract you enough not to realize they managed to mishear and mistranslate stuff even in this song the difficulty of a “Simple English” Wikipedia page.

Not student life. “Work and private life.” (労働と私生活 roudou to shiseikatsu)

Not “come to me” (though in a sense you could say that’s correct too), but “submit to the suggestion box”. In the first few episodes the suggestion box is an important element, so this is quite a big failure.

She knows she’s used to making speeches in front of people. Note the wonderful consistency? At least make it “standing” both cases…

How the hell did that become “old enemies”? 腐れ縁 (kusare-en, lit rotten bond) is “an unfortunate but inescapable relationship” or “a fatal bond”. Next time try not to fuck up lines explaining the relationships of characters when they are introduced…

Not sarcastic, cold and formal. The way this whole sentence is phrased is totally off. It should be something like “You shouldn’t be so formal with me.”




There are just so many things wrong I’m not sure I should keep up with this review. They are destroying Medaka totally with out-of-character lines and horrible guesslations. Apparently they can’t even use a dictionary. Or just copy from the manga for that matter. From just the first 8 minutes, the conclusion is clear.

Conclusion: Avoid

Avoid at all costs. This is a horrible translation with an amazing number of guesslations, mistranslations and mishearings. It’s even more shocking considering that the manga the anime is based on has been running in Jump for years, and it’s all scanlated to English already. Just copy the dialog if you can’t translate by yourself.

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