Robotics;Notes 01 – notes and the like

Doing this show for WhyNot.

Divergence ratio 1.048596. You’ll probably remember this from Steins;Gate.

Don’t blame me for the rainbows. I don’t like it either.

Applause to the QC! Somewhere during the episode it says “Gunvarrel” on screen, so I changed every instance of it. Apparently the title typeset wasn’t updated.

MayQueen reference.

R;N Quiz question 1: Who is she quoting?

Fixed the sign for the sake of the screenshot. “Grandma always says…” is popular Japanese net slang that probably originates from Arika in Mai-Hime. It refers to that when you try to show your own opinion as someone else’s, thus avoiding any responsibility. Also: “A message. From the creator of the game himself.”

She. The vice-principal is an old hag.

This isĀ so deep.

R;N Quiz question 2: Who is she quoting?

R;N Quiz question 3: Who is she quoting?

It will be held on the 29th and 30th of June at the Odaiba Expo Arena (AQUA). The first day team fights, the second day individual battles will be held.

One of the key phrases from Chaos;Head.

Quiz answers follow. 1: Char Aznable (Gundam). 2: Char Aznable (Gundam). 3: Char Aznable (Gundam). No prizes.

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17 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes 01 – notes and the like

  1. Ah, you’re TLing for Whynot for this series glad to see :D.
    I also noticed you’re Translating TLRD. Which group you doing this for?

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