Shinsekai yori 03 – notes and the like

Another week, another episode of Shinsekai, another what?

As usual, that “570 years later” means 570 years after our time. PK stands for psychokinesis.

Yeah, all those emperors have pretentious names like that.

My bad. That should be Tone river, not Tanegawa. Both the river and the Kasumigaura lake later are real places in Ibaraki prefecture.

Now you know what a haythatcher is: it’s that snake with a beak earlier. It lays these false eggs, that when broken explode into a this chaos of sharp blades, that’s covered in shit, making it poisonous (and very stinky). Imagine how the predator that swallows one of those eggs whole must feel when it explodes inside them…

風船犬 (fuusen-inu, lit. “balloon dog). Satoru explains what it is.

Indeed it is.

Ew so dirty!

Doesn’t look like a snail, does it now?

Well guess the cause.

You guessed right. (By the way, that’s also the way how karma demons corrupt their surroundings. That’s why they can realize that they aren’t meant to exist: their powers are raging out of control through their subconscious.)

It’s fascinating that it’s called a bay even though it’s a lake. Again, Kasumigaura (Kasumi Inlet) is a real lake in Ibaraki.

Mental exhaustion from overusing your Cantus can cause vomiting.

It’s the Mt Tsukuba shrine.

In the background Satoru’s grumbling about Shun taking Saki’s side.

Those are another piece of the new world’s mutant fauna: carnivorous crabs called tiger crabs (虎挟み torabasami). They are pretty much the only thing that can or will eat minoshiros.

Your face when this scene.

Now guess what the two of them were doing in their canoe last night on the lake.

By the way, it’s made by Panasonic. (Not kidding.)

The ending translation was tweaked.

History class next episode.

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13 thoughts on “Shinsekai yori 03 – notes and the like

      • That’s mostly why I want to read it (being literature); just curious about how the story actually develops. Read Chapter 1 in Chinese and thought it was great. Thanks though.

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