Jormungand 02 – notes and the like


So here we go with the second episode of Jormungand. Beside some notes, I must point out some massive fuckups as well.

She calls the vehicle a KWAV (maybe KWAB). Luckily the sentence allowed for it to be cut in half like that – I couldn’t find a single relevant note about military vehicles called KWAV on the net. If you know what it’s supposed to be, please do enlighten us.

He calls it a “GMS cell phone base station”, but there is no such thing. We presumed it’s a fuckup on the anime makers’ side.

I have no idea why this says Rem. We used Lehm in episode one, and that’s the common spelling.

SAM = surface-to-air missile.

Here is the aforementioned massive fuckup in the release. The editor thought there was a line missing here and ended up adding something totally wrong because I wasn’t around. (Happens when you translate until 6 am.) This dialog should be something like:

‘Carreers collapse in the face of real fighting more easily than you would think.
‘Let’s just say he has never been here.’
‘I shouldn’t have asked.’

I haven’t read the manga in English, so I didn’t know how they romanized their names. For those of you who have, Mildred and Lew are Myld and Lou.

No written text can express how disgusting this woman is.

She says 蟻地獄 (arijigoku, ant lion). Hornets make more sense in English and the meaning is pretty much the same.

Top. Men.

I really like this line.

The Mi-24 are Russian fighter helicopters, and the Hind E is the version with most units made.

I couldn’t really find anything about LLLTV cameras called Ladoga F…

The leader-oneesan of gg had a tooth surgery just yesterday so this line is kind of a shoutout to her.

I wish this worked on the internet as well.

The cut off part is literal, before you would wonder.

Even Jonah. Even Jonah.

Someone find this pass (オリン峠 orin touge) for me. I couldn’t bother to search all the Caucasus for it.

Her name is Koko she is loco I said oh no. (BGM attention.)

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6 thoughts on “Jormungand 02 – notes and the like

  1. @13:52 Myldred says: 回復早い, if I’m not mistaken. Which translates to “He recovered fast”, implying that it’s one of the reasons he’s the boss, because he’s level headed etc.

    But you translated it as: “How short his fuse is!”, doesn’t this idiom mean the exact opposite? That he’s hot headed and just get’s irritated fast?

    Am I overlooking/mishearing something here?

    • Yeah, you’re right about that one. The original tl was “So quick! He’s the boss for a reason.” and the editor misinterpreted what was quick. Guess that’s my fault for being ambiguous.

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