Translation review: [HorribleSubs] Nazo no Kanojo X 02

According to CR, 桓尾 is Yokoo. I’ve looked in all the possible places I could think of (which means pretty much all major dictionaries), but I couldn’t find any sign indicating that  could be read as yoko

I really don’t like that “hypothetically” there. Stop and think about it for a second.

This sounds very natural. I like it.

Cool dodge.

Every now and then it feels like I’m watching the GotWoot release again.

For me a high school guy using “underwear” all the time is weird. So is this line.

Where does that theater sign go? It sure is present on the back of the tickets (a bunch of frames later) – is this mistimed?

This is good.

… bother? I don’t even.

“Stimulate” just doesn’t cut it. (The same goes for the dream scenes.)

Strange is strange pronoun from now on. (It does fit, just it’s not said.)

Conclusion: Great

The translation is accurate as expected from a simulcast. The script is quite uneven. Some parts are very literal, while others go quite liberal. I wouldn’t mind this (happens to me all the time), but the more literal parts are more boring as well. If I said that the GotWoot release was great, this release deserves the same.

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3 thoughts on “Translation review: [HorribleSubs] Nazo no Kanojo X 02

  1. Since it’s a translation review, I’d rather see you go more in-depth. I mean I have to look up each spot separately since I have no idea what line it’s refering to. Couldn’t you atleast write out the original line in japanese and then comment if it was handled adequately enough or not?

    F.E.: take a look at 8thsin’s Fate/Zero review-comparison. (Well technically not all spots are covered but you get the idea behind it)

  2. Oh well, I just read this:

    “I’m not going to turn every fansub release into a bunch of statistics – I’ll leave it to 8thSin, who seems to be more than willing to point out every single mistake (and what he considers a mistake). ”

    “I’ll just write about how the translation feels”

    Well I don’t need “statistics” per se 😦 But, I think you still should atleast point out the exact japanese line before refering to the translation. Because still you’re basically analyzing alot of separate spots not just giving an overall impression. ,”

    Otherwise if one only cared about the “feel” of the translation, one line would be sufficient: “Conclusion: Great”.

    Don’t know about “casual viewers”, but I for one would enjoy seeing how and why you would interpret certains lines compared to “TL x”.

    There’s alot of editing/encoding/typesetting type review sites and reviewers like but only a few “real” translation reviewers.

    Anyway just my two cents.

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