Ano Natsu de Matteru 10 – notes and the like




Before you’d lose your tops about that line, let me clarify: it’s a really bad pun. Tetsuro says Kanna’s eyes (目 me) (cuts off)… that she caught (風邪 kaze, a cold) (cuts off)… Mio puts the two syllables together into mecha (メカ meka).


This show really likes to suggest emotions by hiding the characters’ eyes. It works.


Lemon is still an epic troll. Also this scene confirms that Ichika is either unbelievably innocent, or on their planet they don’t have birth control, or just not condoms.


Mio asks Tetsuro the question that has been quite obvious to everyone watching the show from episode one. “Why?” But more importantly, Tetsuro is drinking Itoen green tea, can version. It’s one of the few brands of readymade tea that I like.


The railing is always stronger.


Rinon observing Earth’s biosphere.


Tetsuro’s sister is really good at teasing his brother. But it’s not her that makes him realize what he’s meant to do, but Kaito.


The location of the Summer Blues concert is no other than the Miharashi Garden (みはらし庭 miharashi-niwa) in the usual city in Nagano. The kids there are playing a battle card game not unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, but this one is called “Hydra – Battle Monsters” (九頭蛇 kuzuja or 九頭龍 kuzuryuu, not entirely sure about the last kanji). The cards are Yog Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, The Elder Sign and the Mirror of something I can’t read because of the blur. These are all Lovecraftian creatures, so I guess they would be from the Cthulhu Yu-Gi-Oh pack – too bad there isn’t one (as far as I know).


They all have it so hard. By the way I’ve been wondering how the hell can they pop up at the right time at the right place… Are they seriously stalking each other all the time?



That watermelon question made me laugh.


That feeling when you realize she’s never gonna tell you that. Feels bad man. (Also: just how many confessions can they stuff in a single episode?)


This has been expected.

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2 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru 10 – notes and the like

  1. “Cthulhu Yu-Gi-Oh” sounds like something that could sell well, inside a niche market.

    I imagine Ichika’s homeworld has a bit more advanced tech to take care of matters. Or the packaging is just not what she noticed. haha

    But Remon’s definitely in full Ichigo-mode voyeurism. During the Onegai Twins OVA, she pretty much sent everyone to their tents to have sex while she videotaped them. Somehow with a diminutive high school girl doing it, it doesn’t seem creepy as all hell. Anyone else, and the “okay, that’s too creepy” vibe would pop up. A lot.

    As for why Tetsuro asked Ichika. A lot of reasons. Tetsuro & Kanna are actually the main driving forces in this series, and, frankly, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Kaito kept talking about doing a movie. He seemed to really be fascinated with the new girl, so, eh, ask. What did he really have to lose? It’s not a very “anime” style to actually do something like that, but it’s a pretty natural type of occurrence.

    As always, thanks for the work.

  2. Yeah, while googling I’ve seen so many references to fan-made Cthulhu card packs that for a while I thought it was just some limited edition, but then it wasn’t on any official lists…
    Tetsuro’s reason for inviting Ichika is only interesting because he’s been in denial about it even with himself. He honestly seemed to try to believe that he did it for Kaito and Kanna…

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