Nisemonogatari 10 – notes and the like

To be honest, I’ve been quite disappointed with Nisemonogatari. It was all just fanservice and empty blogging, but only a few episodes had something actually happening. A whole episode devoted to the toothbrush scene? Come on Shaft, I know that it’s important to pander to the rotten core of the anime watchers as well, but that’s overdoing it. Episode 10 is just right. It has the shameless fanservice parts as well, but at least something happens.


I’m still not sure what to think of this opening. The tune is so catchy… but the vocals are nothing special. The art feels off… but I really like it how stuff is moving on screen.


This week there was a novel excerpt again. Even so, there were only a few signs altogether and not much to tweak on the script either (translation-wise), so I was done quite quickly.


The sound effect when Tsukihi stops feels so familiar. It would fit even in Looney Tunes.


When she talks about she’ll talk about the Fire Sisters thing with Karen, she uses phrases that are typically used about bands breaking up (音楽性の違い ongakusei no chigai, 解散パーティー kaisan party). The whole style of her monologue is like an idol giving an interview.



Koyomi realized it too that the names of Yodzuru and Yotsugi are similar. (They are written with the characters for cosine and cotangent respectively.) Shinobu points out that Yotsugi is bound to Yodzuru by her name the same way she herself is bound to Oshino by the name he gave her. She uses the word shikigami (式神 or 職神) and onmyouji (陰陽師) in her explanation. Onmyouji were (are?) the mystics of the Japanese Onmyoudou. They were diviners, wizards and exorcists in one person. Shikigami were the invisible spirits that they could summon as their familiars.


Look who do we have here. Everyone’s favorite conman explains the situation in exchange for Koyomi’s entire wallet. Quite cheap. (Side note: I prefer gg’s “oddity” translation for 怪異 (kaii).)




I would be mad too. Also: heroes of justice my ass. (The phoenix doesn’t seem to be all that evil either.) Does this whole thing about justice just serve to show Koyomi’s character development? We sure have seen him shamelessly groping his sisters, now will we see some more… socially accepted personality traits? In this case he’ll have to face his own definition of justice: that you’re right if you’re strong. The trigonometric function girls are sure stronger than him…

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