Typesetting review: Tsuritama

Tsuritama typesetting review

Groups:Commie, WhyNot



This would probably look better with a third layer shifted like 1-2 pixels to the left.

This should be to the left and up a bit.

This is fine.

Yeah, this is my bad (more like why I shouldn’t encode because it’s off by one frame somehow).

While the font is okay here…

And decent here…

It’s far too thick here.

See above.

While this is aligned correctly it looks dumb. I blame the Japanese sign being rotated in a strange way.


Nothing wrong but it could be fancier.

Might look better as 2 layers.


No blur. Also, even if they wanted to use a shadow (which I did) it should be on the other side.

This should be 2 layers.

Color is off and the letters should be farther apart (i.e. use \fsp).

There’s a lot wrong with these (like no blur). Also, Yuki Keito is not a name, it’s two names. This sign should be composed of two separate parts.

At least these have blur.

Not nearly enough blur.

Font should be bigger, no blur.

Needs blur at the very least.

These are okay.


Commie: B. Some fonts could be a lot better (like the names).

WhyNot: C. Most of these are just there. Almost everything could be improved by better fonts and blur. Not sorted by time.

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