Ano Natsu de Matteru 11 – notes and the like


This post has been delayed by life (Ichika illustrating me saying that, Emika your reaction).


So yeah. Ichika’s sister is pretty pissed that her precious little sister not only broke federal law by making contact with an Earthling, but even fell in love with said person. I had fun trying to figure out Ichika’s and Kaito’s mumbled lines in this scene.

Apparently Rinon is used to hearing such sisterly quarrels. Its reaction is just how I’d react.


I’m still in love with the opening song. This is the only show this season that I watch the opening in every episode. I also really like the animation, the way images flash in color then fade into blue – this might even have some kind of significance, since Kaito blogged about how important it is to backup our memories on film… This effect reminds me of a photograph losing color.


We’re back in the castle gardens again. And as soon as Lemon hears that Ichika and Kaito are still not there, she instantly figures out the whole situation, assesses the possible expenses and risks of all upcoming actions, makes a to-do list in her mind to prepare the needed equipment, all the roles that the kids are going to play… and when it’s all ready, she sends Kanna to check on them.


A nuance lost. Curse me all you want, but I still won’t put honorifics in my translations. In this scene Kaito calls Emika onee-san, which (I’m sure you all know) means “big sister”, used by people to address not only relatives but also other older girls (the big sister characters). Since the Takatsuki sisters don’t have a brother (as mentioned in an earlier episode), she has probably never before been called that by a guy.


Apparently one of the the Takatsuki girls’ ancestors put the memory of that place in their genes. This was funny just two days after the main villain in Symphogear claimed to have awakened after millenia using similar measures. But never mind, aliens and ancient priestesses apparently have the technology to do so… They also have a way to compare images in their mind with real planetary scans, but not to detect if anything is blocking this sensor.

Now the thing is that Lemon is either really an alien, a part of the MIB or she was there when th—


It’s also funny that while they have technology that enables some kind of lifeform to serve as the control interface of their spaceships, if someone holds said lifeform’s mouth shut, it can’t even teleport the user. Does Rinon need to say “no-no-no” aloud to make her teleport or what.


Is it just me or are they overdoing this “say everything straightforward” thing? I honestly can’t imagine a situation that could make high school students (especially Japanese) say these lines with such determination all over. Might be I just need an alien redhead to blow up my quiet life to understand these matters.


Rinon’s faces are making this show twice as good. In this scene the natural question is finally asked: how the hell does Lemon know all this stuff? She’s either an alien, from the MIB or she was there at the place of contact that the Takatsuki girls remember. This last seems the most likely, the only problem is that if she had been there before, then there’s no need to search for it…


Ichika’s sister is waiting in lunar orbit. Meanwhile the kids are searching for the location in question. I don’t know why Ichika calls Nagano Shinshu… I guess it might be common for locals to use that name as well?


Talking in your dreams in an anime always means something. Who knows what may be coming from the right… The “It’s about space, after all” line sounds very much like a reference to some classic science fiction anime, but I couldn’t find anything of the kind. It sounds cool anyway.


Cliche enough, the search party shows up just when Mio finally finds the place on a map.


I told you she thought up a whole battle plan back then in the castle park… Also note how conveniently empty this road is, even though it’s broad daylight, they live in a well populated area with a couple of cities and this is a four-lane road, meaning it’s quite significant.


Okay, so they have lifesign detectors. And apparently people have unique lifesigns. That’s okay. But tell me one thing: if the drones are here to rescue Ichika then why are they blocking communications and teleportation? If Rinon can just teleport her like that, couldn’t they just lock onto her signal and beam her up? Would be too easy I guess. But then why are they going after them with an intent to kill? It’s nice to try to rescue someone, but destroying stuff in the way isn’t. Especially considering that this is a development level F planet where all contact with locals is strictly forbidden – this doesn’t seem to hold the drones back from uncloaking and attacking human vehicles without hesitation or warning.


This feels terribly off. It hasn’t been a few days in the anime since he confessed his love for Kanna, and now he’s inviting Mio on a date knowing she loves him? I know it can be very exciting to have a hot (nudist) girl’s boobs pressing to your back as she’s hugging you from behind on a bike, but isn’t this a bit too early? Just how much is Mio in love to not have any negative feelings about Tetsuro moving on from his great love so quickly? (Not to mention this leaves Kanna as the only one without a pair. So unfair.)


The road 75 that Kaito mentions is the prefectural road no. 75 in Nagano prefecture. It’s quite short so the location of the car chase should be easy to find. However, I couldn’t really find any four-lane road that joins into road 75 in the middle of nowhere…


My thoughts exactly. It’s one thing for redheaded aliens to have crazy technology, but why does Lemon’s van (wait, where did she get that van from to begin with?) have a surprisingly Terran-like robot arm attached to it? (And at the same time, it seems to have been built into the roof, and it can only be opened by breaking the cover. I couldn’t see any controls there either…)

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One thought on “Ano Natsu de Matteru 11 – notes and the like

  1. Remon = MIB agent. She even said it in ep 10. Her access to alien tech has been a given for a while, though, so it’s not exactly out of the norm.

    This series could still be set before or after the Onegai series or still be a spiritual successor. We won’t know until ep 12.

    I still think the clothe doesn’t actually hide the lifesignature. I think that’s wholly so Remon can film a wedding scene. She might be a future-tech Troll, but she’s going to get her emotional send off!

    I also have started calling her Initial Remon, after the car chase. Seems fitting.

    Thanks for the work and on to ep 12! I don’t think it’ll be bittersweet, but this series has “have to watch through the end credits” all over it.

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