Translation review: [Commie] Girls und Panzer 02

I haven’t worked on the release since the second episode, so here’s your review.


Translation review: [Commie] To Love-ru Darkness 02

Translation review: [shi0n] To Love-ru Darkness 02

The simulcast of TLR:D is an ugly mess since TAN put up the first episode a day before it even aired, pissing off the Japanese, so no one really knows what’s going to happen. It seems like they’ll be doing a one-day-late-cast of it after all, but I’ll check some translations just in case groups keep producing their own subs. I’m translating it for Pomf myself, so I’m not checking that. First up is shi0n.


Magi 03 – notes and the like

Translation review: [Hiryuu] Oniai 01

Translation review: [GetBack] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 01

GetBack gave me an impression on their blog that they’reĀ very confident in their own skills. Let’s see how much of it is real.


Magi 02 – notes and the like

This week we won the speed race, but at a price. And it wasn’t an easy birth either.


Shinsekai yori 03 – notes and the like

Another week, another episode of Shinsekai, another what?


Robotics;Notes 01 – notes and the like

Doing this show for WhyNot.


Translation review: [Aho-Taku] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 01

Last in the Sakurasou line was by the joint of EveTaku and Ahodomo. They sure took their time.