Robotics;Notes 02 – notes and the like

The second episode of R;N had some nice (though minor) details on screen worth writing about.

She’s browsing bipedal robots.

KW110 – SR Ver2

Maker: Panasonic (Matsushita Engineering)
Price: 50.000 JPY

Servo motor: KS S920J x17
CPU board: RS SC003HV
Battery: 6V nickel metal hydride battery
Charger: DLG300
USB cable, frame elements

SH – X006

Maker: Shima Technology
Price: 90.000 JPY

Actuator: PCB-40225 HV x17
Resin placket
Polycarbonate character suit
Control board: YU-2000
Battery: nickel metal hydride battery
Delta Peak express charger: SW-6000
Low-height servo horn
Serial USB adapter
Extension/Connection chords

Futurenoid 1000

Maker: Future Electronics
Price: 30.000 JPY

Servo motor: SS-20 x15
CPU board: SS-RZ002H
Battery: AAA nickel hydride battery x4 (sold separately)
USB cable

Hitension mark2

Maker: BAN-SHO Engineering
Price: 200.000 JPY

Servo motor: SKR-2215HDR x16
Dual USB adapter
Acceleration sensor: SVA2
Light aluminium alloy frame
Control board: CRRB-4RV
Battery: nickel hydride battery
Charger: CR-500 (AV100V only)
Connection chord (100mm)

Both the lyrics and the styling of the opening have been updated.

You know the word gattai? When two people or mecha merge into one? She wants the robot to have a gattai scene.

If you know the song playing in the background here, be sure to tell me. It’s quite an awesome solo.

She keeps quoting Char Aznable (from Gundam) this episode too.

Quoting Char again.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “anemone” isn’t the flower, it’s the girl from Eureka Seven.

First time I heard that word, but apparently it counts as common in English…

I like this guy.

She sticks 改 (kai) to it, implying it’s an upgraded version. Not to mention it’s a homophone of Kai’s name.

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5 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes 02 – notes and the like

  1. > The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “anemone” isn’t the flower, it’s the girl from Eureka Seven

    Magic Knight Ray Earth

  2. They only fixed the colors in the first half of the OP… once the chorus kicks in they go right back to rainbow.
    Also, your TSer really likes rainbow… for Mr. Pleiades’s entry in Ep3, it’s back during the main script.

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