Translation review: [Sigh-Genjo] Magi 01

Last up for Magi is Sigh-Genjo.

Karaoke’s there, though I don’t think it really fits. The translation’s fine.

He uses quite an unusual word here in Japanese, but that still doesn’t mean I’ll accept this totally wrong translation.

He’s saying he needs money enough to buy a whole country.

Bugel’s telling him the punishment for freeing slaves is one arm chopped off. As for the “for this” a few lines later: Morgiana isn’t Bugel’s slave. He’s just teasing Ali Baba about his debt (the melons).

I think this is a lead-up to why he needs Aladdin’s help, not about Aladdin.

No. He’s saying he didn’t think an “illusion” like that was worth reporting.

Lucky? No. Fun.

Well, to me it’d seem he quite much chooses one of them… So is Ali Baba out of his right mind?

Dull? No. Suicide.

No. He says people must not dream of things beyond their reach.

No. He’s saying it’s coming for the wine.

It did work. It just wasn’t enough.

No. He doesn’t finish his sentence. “What I truly wanted was…”

I’m really impressed that they did the ending with all that dialog and explosions, but of course it’s not perfect. There are mistakes in the Japanese, and even when the Japanese is correct, the translation is outright wrong on a few lines.

Conclusion: Okay

Uh… I’m in quite a difficult situation here. The dialog in general isn’t bad, and the editing’s really nice, but quite a few important lines are mistranslated. Watching this release might give you a basic idea of what’s going on, but the accuracy is a serious issue here. It barely just passes.

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