Translation review: [shi0n] To Love-ru Darkness 02

The simulcast of TLR:D is an ugly mess since TAN put up the first episode a day before it even aired, pissing off the Japanese, so no one really knows what’s going to happen. It seems like they’ll be doing a one-day-late-cast of it after all, but I’ll check some translations just in case groups keep producing their own subs. I’m translating it for Pomf myself, so I’m not checking that. First up is shi0n.

There’s a very fancy karaoke and most of the lyrics are okay too. I have doubts about how they transcribed lines (there are quite a few words that I’m sure aren’t right), but the translation’s consistent at least. I’ll be looking forward to the official lyrics.

Am I watching Hadena? The first few lines are already full of typos and punctuation mistakes (missing stuff). They also used a horrible font for Mea’s lines.

Horrible, horrible phrasing. The meaning is there alright, but I wouldn’t call this English.


You mean “taught”. This line again is representative of this release: the translation isn’t wrong, but it’s not proper English at all. Even I want to just close it and purge it from my hard drive, and I’m quite flexible when it comes to raping languages.

I don’t even. (There’s also a pun on this line, missing completely.)

Not appearances. As far as I can see, she looks the same, she herself has changed (inside).

She’s ending her previous sentence here calling Yami (and herself) a tool of murder.

There’s no “assassin” there. She says the organization was crushed by other political powers.

Half the sentence is missing here.

The ending only has the karaoke (again I’m not so sure it’s correct), but there’s no translation anywhere to be seen, so it’s not relevant.

Conclusion: Avoid

I wouldn’t really call the “language” they use in this release English. The grammar is horrible, and I’m sure that most lines only made sense to me because I was processing the Japanese audio at the same time. The translation isn’t outright horrible though, at least there are only a few lines that were really wrong. Translation-wise it barely passes, but it’s not comprehensible unless you know what’s being said already. With other releases out there, there’s no reason to choose this.

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8 thoughts on “Translation review: [shi0n] To Love-ru Darkness 02

        • Hint: There’s a reason that every anime you’ve ever seen in the last 10 years uses one sub style. They don’t change the *color* based on who’s speaking, let alone the *font*.
          White-on-black sans serif isn’t used because subbers are boring, but because it’s actually *readable*.

          • I’ll keep that in mind, but the fact is, I enjoy doing this kind of typesetting XD and fans seem to like it also, so I won’t change it atm thanks for you’re decent explanation πŸ˜€

  1. Well, I don’t care about what other ppl are saying, you’re doing a rather good job at tl-ing this. I also understand you’re a bit short-handed (more like alone), but you’re doing a rather good work. I can at the very least say you’re probably doing a better job than us ( ;p ). I also like how you change the ts for the lines in so many places, not many ppl do that anymore.
    In total, a *tumbs up* from me. (not saying that has any meaning, but still…)

    • haha thanks NIAIK :P, after all it’s for the fans, not for critics XD, I don’t also tend to mislead the fans so I’m trying my best to translate it as it is :3

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