Translation review: [Commie] To Love-ru Darkness 02

Commie’s up next.

The opening’s fine. Not great. I did it myself and I don’t like it. It was late night, after partying through the evening then translating Shinsekai. (I didn’t even remember doing them, to be honest.) I’ll redo them because I’ve been told I did them and I feel responsible. (The songs are the only thing I did for the release.)

Taiyaki is not a fish cake. It’s shaped like fish, but it’s usually filled with sweet bean paste. “Bean cookies” or something along those line would be better.

“How could I sleep like this?!”

Not “sour”, it’s “unique”.

Master is the mastermind. Okay.

The ending translation feels like there was about 0 effort put in it. (Yes I put 0 effort in it.)

Conclusion: Great

Translation-wise, it’s a great release. There aren’t any really bad mistakes. It’s a safe choice – though I wish they put some more effort into the editing, because let’s just say… it’s lacking.

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5 thoughts on “Translation review: [Commie] To Love-ru Darkness 02

  1. How about “fish-shaped cakes”? In my opinion, bean cookies sound a bit vague (if you’d try to google for it, you’d hardly get any results; perhaps red bean cake would be closer to the definition). After all, azuki beans are hardly obtainable outside Japan, so I don’t think people think of that kind of bean at first.

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