Chuunibyou 03 – notes and the like

So this post is delayed by me grabbing something for dinner.

Have you ever heard of BabyMetal? They’re a loli metal band (of course from Japan), and all their public communications replace the Japanese sentence-ending particle です (desu) with DEATH (also pronounced in Japanese as desu). This retarded chick is doing exactly the same. I tried squeezing as many “death”s in her lines as possible.

You didn’t just do that, did you, KyoAni?

I raise my hand.

She later says that this “language” is a “mirror” of our world’s, but it doesn’t make any sense backwards in Japanese, and of course you can’t speak in mirror-writing. Thus: it’s random nonsense.

It’s literally “parallel world” (平行世界 heikou-sekai), but she uses it as a proper noun, so it needed to be awesome.

I wish I’d dream stuff like this too…

You’ll get a cookie if you can make this line alliterate even more.

First, that’s what it sounds like and second, korven is a Finnish word meaning “wilderness”. It at least means something.

Note: this episode was timed very well to match with the new NGE movie.

日本語でおk (nihongo de ok) is the common phrase used on the net when someone’s being incomprehensible.

Circles are just like clubs, but the conditions for founding one and the stuff they can do are different. For example circles usually don’t get any funding from the school.

I’m pretty sure it’s 森サマー (mori samaa, Forest Summer), but later she just refers to that person as 森様 (mori-sama).

That looks like a Gibson (or Epiphone) Flying V.

Seven ifrit cocks, give me strength.

Nibutani’s name, Shinka is written 森夏, the second character being the character for “summer” shown on screen.

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3 thoughts on “Chuunibyou 03 – notes and the like

  1. Actually Finnish word for wilderness would be korpi and korven would be it in a genetive. Korven Mjolnir would be “Mjolnir of Wilderness”, Mjolnir Korven is just IMHO gibberish, but technically correct and would mean same thing. That word order is used almost only in poetry. Maybe Dekomori is a poet. Just saying.

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