Magi 02 – notes and the like

This week we won the speed race, but at a price. And it wasn’t an easy birth either.

Isn’t that city pretty?

Diving in the time vortex without a TARDIS is dangerous.

I’m impressed how they don’t have any oil stains on their clothes.

The lesson is that you should always eat properly before embarking on a journey.

I bet that’s fake Arabic again.

He knew Izumi Curtis!

Actually later in the episode it’s explained that he’s from one of the northern nomadic tribes. I wanted to call him Gorthus, but in the scanlation it says Goltas and he’s definitely not worth upsetting whiners.

I read somewhere that people’ve been trying to decipher the Tran language from the manga. It sure looks like Sumerian cuneiform with dots.

I tried figuring out which ancient empire “Rehm” could refer to, but I couldn’t find anything related to the caliphates. I also considered putting Lehm in honor of the Jormungand gunman, but that would’ve been a bit of an overkill.

No, it’s not. It’s Cathrago. Carthago is written in katakana as カルタゴ (karutago), and they switched the middle two syllables to get カタルゴ (katarugo), thus Cathrago. It got “fixed” somewhere in the subbing process by someone who thought it’s a typo.

Quite a long way to write “Open, Sesame!”

I whoa‘d.

The ending translation wasn’t included in the release, because the timer vanished before doing it, so here you go.

Try looking through your finger telescope
The world you can see is just a tale from the past
Don’t lose sight of the bright future
You still have lots of dreams and hopes
You’ll miss the chance if you space out
Instead of looking for excuses,
Why not just try?
Try looking through your finger telescope
Round your fingers and put them to your eyes
Remember what you’re looking for
The adventure you’ve dreamt of
Find the destination with your finger telescope
What can you see in the gap between your fingers?
It looks far, but it’s actually close
Treasures like a prophecy

It’s some idol group singing, and doesn’t have a single touch of Arabia to it. Sadly. I hoped to see some belly-dancing moe there.

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10 thoughts on “Magi 02 – notes and the like

  1. >I’m impressed how they don’t have any oil stains on their clothes.
    Neither blood stains (on Goltas).

    >I bet that’s fake Arabic again.
    I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t look like Arabic to me.

    • Cathrago, Cathargo, whichever. The point is to make the reference obvious without making it too obvious. The thing is that the caliphates of the 1001 nights’ stories were almost five hundred years after the Roman empire, so that’s not really a valid point of reference.

  2. That language is not Arabic, It’s ancient Toran language. The Dark Continent is on Laem or Rehm empire. That so called Izumi Curtis is definitely a guy – so it can’t be her…

    • That writing on the flute is definitely a different script than the writing on the wall in the dungeon. Also don’t spoil just because you read the manga.

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