Chuunibyou 02 – notes and the like


This can be interpreted in so many ways in this situation. (Though the notice is mistimed… It should’ve been over the text a few shots earlier. Not that it matters)

She just loves to use random German words. I guess this might be Heilige Wasser (Holy Water), as pointed out in the comments. I’ll need to tune my language filters to German for this show…

Gotta catch ’em all!

Last week I pointed out my Deep Horizon fuckup, so we changed it to Ethereal Horizon.

The Japanese word for “potato” is ジャガ芋 (jaga-imo, lit Jaga-potato), where the jaga comes from the name of Jakarta.

Yeah, apologies. My fuckup. Totally forgot that the other guy’s called Isshiki, and completely misheard it as 意識 (ishiki). Isshiki recommended him as a joke.

Those are some shampoo brands, I think.

I’m not kidding. That’s what he says. I mean, thinks.

He still hasn’t gotten over his syndrome. Also, whose legs am I seeing there in the back?

Female, 5 years old, gray, mixed breed (has Persian in her), big, sleeps a lot.

Her name is written 五月七日, which can be read both as gogatsu nanoka (May 7th) and Tsuyuri (a name). We’re in the lucky situation that May can be a girl’s name, so it makes some sense.

Yeah, I got used to the retarded way she speaks. (In reference to that soul thing in the first episode…)

A Chinese mythological creature, representing north and the winter season.

Mauser M712 (Schnellfeuer, “Fast Fire”), from 1932.

It’s a Sony voice recorder.

If you can’t appreciate this line, you should stop watching an anime that had a whole scene dedicated to the Konami Code. She literally says “Take this and go ahead”, but when I typed in “take this”, I realized what had to be done.

Queen of the Night.

Yuuta is just retarded. I guess it would take about three button presses with that recorder to erase the whole thing, and then she couldn’t blackmail him. But instead of doing that, he runs across the town, and lets this woman smash him in the head with a ladle.

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8 thoughts on “Chuunibyou 02 – notes and the like

  1. Are you sure she says “Heidrich Buster”? Doesn’t it sound more like “Heilige(s) Wasser” (holy water)? At least I can hear “Wasser” instead of “Buster”…

  2. >This can be interpreted in so many ways in this situation. (Though the notice is mistimed… It should’ve been over the text a few shots earlier. Not that it matters)

    I don’t see any words… (  ゚‿ ゚)

      • Out of curiosity, do you (or does anyone) know what the original line in Japanese is? It may not be the pinnacle of idiot-translation (10TH ENEMY HAS THE BOMB), but it’s the most famous quote to those of us who played The Legend of Zelda when we were kids.

        • The Zelda line is like hitoride kikenja something something. Not really memorable in the same way it is in English, though the old man talks like a stereotypical old man in the Japanese. The line in c2b is just “kore o motte saki e” I think.

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