Translation review: [Oyatsu] Sukitte Iina yo

Oyatsu released Sukitte too.

Nice typesetting there.

I think “for all we know” isn’t the right phrase here. “We all know it’s 16 years…”

Not one, a bunch.

They also have giant boobs.

Nope. They all cared about Yamato (the other guy) only.

Nope. “It’s not like I had to ask for her number…”

“… and she wanted your address so much…”

“… and who’s kind to everyone…”

You don’t refer to yourself in third person in English. Not normally.

This might worth translating, considering that it’s shown on screen for like ten seconds just to be read. This is a quite surprising “mistake”, since the other typesetting in the release are quite well done.

It feels like the second half of the episode was translated by someone else. The translation quality is completely different. Even long and complicated sentences like this one are handled perfectly, while in the first half there are quite a bunch of problems with accuracy.

I… well, they put the kanji there, which is usually a brave feat, but the translation is okay even if a bit too stiff for my taste.

Conclusion: Okay

Mid-grade okay. The script is very uneven. In the first half there are a bunch of inaccuracies and mistranslations, but the second half is perfectly fine. This release should be good enough to understand the basic story, but not the best choice if you want a solid, accurate translation.

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2 thoughts on “Translation review: [Oyatsu] Sukitte Iina yo

  1. Thanks a lot for the feedback. 🙂

    We’re doing a v2 for fixing the missing sign, the issues you pointed out in the first half and also having ED fonts problem.

    Incidentally, the translator for both halves is same.

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