Translation review: [AraAraUfufu~] Sukitte Iina yo 01

Remember that guy who tried his hands at soloing Eureka 7 AO? Apparently he recruited some more members and AraAraUfufu~ turned into a group (since then I found out where the group name comes from too). Now that E7AO is practically over, they started doing Sukitte Iina yo too.

I think this is the first release where this is typeset. The font isn’t really the right one, but it serves its purpose.

Not much has passed of the release, but I’m already impressed by the editing.

These few lines are horribly literal compared to the rest of the script.

The ending is a bit awkward.

Conclusion: Great

One of the best releases for the show. It’s quite uneven when it comes to liberalness, but there are close to no problems with accuracy. I’m quite happy to see how the solo translator’s tag turned into a group’s, a group’s with a great release. Keep on good work, guys.

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