Translation review: [UTW-Mazui] Little Busters 01

Both UTW and Mazui are often hailed as the best translators out there. Their Little Busters should be fine too, right?

Why “make things fair”? More like “to stop them” or “act as the referee”.

It must be Sutai typesetting this series. His are the only typesets that break my player.

Some lines in the opening feel off, but in general it’s fine.

Godly lack of fun.

This “my own individual” feels so wrong. Is it correct English? I’d surely rather say “as an individual” or “as myself”…

Haha, okay.

It’s okay too.

Conclusion: Great

“Reviewing” releases like this is just watching anime (unless you’re very determined to nitpick). There are practically no derps in the release. A good choice to watch.

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11 thoughts on “Translation review: [UTW-Mazui] Little Busters 01

      • Aah, I see. I’m not sure about the blur (you used a few frames earlier shot and I’m lazy to check), but the font proportions might be different because of how fonts render on linux (libass uses freetype on linux to render the glyphs). And because of how glyphs rendering works, it might actually be hard to fix, but I’m not an expert in that field. The font itself is correct and is not broken, unlike in vlc which incidentally also uses libass to render the subtitles, I wonder why the same library works in mplayer and breaks in vlc… FYI, it’s shared, not statically linked in the vlc and mplayer2 builds I use and I can verify it breaks in VLC horribly, though slightly different than in the screens.

        • Yes, you are correct. libass is the problem, and since most people use Windows, basically no one typesets for libass compatibility.

          • For anyone still interested: I tried latest git snapshot of libass (some ChangeLog entries suggested this issue might have been fixed) and it looks correct (same as in herkzz’s picture) now both in mplayer *and* vlc. The fix will be present in libass-0.10.1 release, whenever that gets out.

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