Translation review: [LittleSubbers] Little Busters 01

Little Subbers aren’t new people, but can their release really put up a fight against the high standards of the competition?

Yep, like that.

“Stupid weapons should make the fight less dangerous.”

How could anyone mishear “scales” for “burdock”? Literal it might be, but the pun is lost.

The four of them.

The translation’s fine. I guess the opening’s official lyrics must be out, since some surprising parts are done the same way as in the UTW release

“Out of control” ≠ “No control”.

It’s “practically”, not “about to be”.

This isn’t the proverb he misheard earlier… This should be “Even cats fall from poles.”

Nope. “That describes Masato so well in a few words.”

No, it doesn’t.

No, it doesn’t.

神聖 (shinsei, divine), not 新鮮 (shinsen, fresh).

He isn’t talking about just the Little Busters, but everyone in general. “It attracts/draws people to him.”

The ending’s okay too, though there are a few lines that feel off.

Conclusion: Okay

Against weaker competition I might even give this release a “great”, but UTW’s release put the bar high, and the Little Subbers fail to do better. It’s still a good average release.

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4 thoughts on “Translation review: [LittleSubbers] Little Busters 01

  1. Exactly,The songs are 5 years old lol. Also, about the “I’m Saitou” (and Oliver Sauce). That’s actually correct. It was kinda irritating me that UTW-Mazui subbed that as “I’m Melvin” which sounds even LESS like “good morning”. That’s part of the joke, “I’m Saitou” DOESN’T sound like “good morning” in Japanese as well. They’re picking on Rin, basically. I also didn’t like UTW-Mazui’s “Godly Lack of Control” but I understand why they did it. Since “Legendary No-Con” is what they VN used, I’m use to it, and it’s a closer translation…but I’m sure there’s a lot of people that wouldn’t understand what “No-Con” means. I’m glad you wrote this article. I saw LittleSubbers and was hoping It would be a group that took less liberties on names and such but it seems they’re far worse.I’m planning on just editing my own file’s subtitles for personal use at some point later since I’m picky >.<

    • I know that it’s “I’m Saitou” and “Oliver sauce” what they’re saying, but with a bit of imagination those could be misheard as “good morning” (in Japanese). Maybe. If you’re drunk. But sure as hell they can’t be misheard as “good morning” (in English). It’s a tough call, true.

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