Translation review: [Hadena] Sukitte iina yo 01

Next one out was Sukitte Iinayo (Say “I love you”) by Hadena.

The tone is off. Just “Take care” would do.

This doesn’t work as a question as it should…

“No prospects of that changing in the future either.”

He’s saying he can’t rate and rank them. The previous line is off the mark too.

That “translation note” made me chuckle. But considering what happens next, it’s perfectly reasonable actually.

This line’s mistimed. This should be a part of the previous line.

First half of the line missing. “Who should we call?”

Line missing here. The next two lines at the shop are missing too.

That sounds weird. Maybe “twist of fate”?

No ending translation.

Conclusion: Okay

This is a tough one. There are quite a few problems with it, such as missing and mistimed lines, but for a Hadena release, this is beyond great. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything this good from them. Even objectively speaking, this is at the top of the “okay” range. There are only a few translation mistakes and editing bugs (the funniest was the typo of Mei’s name). I don’t know what happened here or who are the people beyond this release, but if further episodes will be the same (or preferably, better) quality as this one, it’s not a bad choice to watch.

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