Translation review: [gg] Magi 01

It’s not me translating Magi for gg. They weren’t quick about it, but still managed to release first.

I want this release to be good, so that it’ll be fun to compete with!

I don’t like it how a few lines were handled, but as a whole the song makes sense. I guess that’s what you call a sacrifice for a greater good.

This would be okay, but it’s just too short for the time.

I’m not sure “clear” is okay to use like this outside of video games…

投げる (nageru, throw) ≠ 殴る (naguru, hit).

Not as his slave. As a free man working his debt off.

Of course there’s no way gg would leave out the Star Driver movie’s ad that aired before the next episode preview. ≺(ゝω・)~☆ Kiraboshi!

Conclusion: Great

It was funny that at least half the script was practically the same as what I made for GotWoot. It’s a good release with only a few minor derps. No trolling either.

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