Translation review: [Doki] Oniai 01

Doki’s release was much later than I’d expected of them.

They subbed this line, but not the girls talking on the train.

This line says it all about the release. The translation’s fine, but the phrasing’s a bit too weeaboo for me.

Not really “brave”, more like “bold”.

Just as expected from Doki.

She’s calling him by his title in the student council.

The ending’s translated. I have qualms, but it’s better than nothing.

Conclusion: Great

The show’s simple, and Doki does a decent job with it. A valid alternative to Coppola’s release if you want a really weeaboo Japanese script. Doki’s release has the best typesetting and the ending translated too.

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3 thoughts on “Translation review: [Doki] Oniai 01

  1. Um, I could’ve sworn that *she* was moving in with *him*. So wouldn’t that also mean *she’s* transferring into *his* school?

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