Translation review: [Commie] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 01

Last up is Commie’s Jojo.

I like how this starts. British for sure, but not overdone.

I’m not so sure that uneducated brats like them would use words like “anatomically correct”, but I won’t say it’s wrong.

Now I’m seriously impressed.

I’m surprised none of the groups associated to Zim from the title. I’d put “Invader Dio” without thinking.

Only Commie bothered to typeset these manga-like sound effects.

He’s answering his father, not talking to Dio.

A three-liner? Really?

Ending subbed.

Conclusion: Great

A very steady release. Probably the most literal of the three, and it’s doing well style-wise too. But it feels like the editor got tired working on the episode – the second half of the episode fades in comparison of the first few minutes. All the SFX signs are typeset as well. A good choice to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Translation review: [Commie] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 01

    • If I were to decide based on the first half of the episode, then Commie > Nutbladder > gg. If I had to consider the second half too, it’d be a lot harder.

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