Translation review: [t4w] Kamisama Hajimemashita 01

Cool lyrics translation. It’s kinda funny considering that at first listen it sounds very simple.

Oh okay, so the subbers are this enthusiastic about the show?

This is either a guesslation or just LS10 liberal editing. Either way, it’s beyond what I call right. 溌溂とした美貌 (hatsuratsu toshita bibou) means lively beauty by the way. The same goes for the next line too: it just states that she looks tired.

That sign could use a translation.

The bottom line is just “And if that wasn’t enough” or “And then”.

Totally made up.

Decades. Also, it’s Ishida Akira’s voice. All girls squeal in unison now.

Who. The mono in 何者 (nanimono) means “person” and not “thing”.

Mistimed. It starts half a sentence too early.

“I don’t care!”

Half a sentence is missing here.

I can see why they’d write “side-by-side” here. That 隣り合わせ (tonari-awase) doesn’t fit there at first listen, but I think it refers to the world. It’s a world next to ours.

Note: dodging words you don’t understand only works if it’s a long sentence and you can hide it. Here half of what’s being said is dodged. That’s not good. Also, it’s Tomoe-dono, not domo.

知ったことか (shitta koto ka) means “I don’t care”.

No ending translation either.

Conclusion: Avoid

This is a tough one. There are a lot fewer mistranslations than the grade would suggest, but there’s a simple explanation for that: they ignore everything they didn’t understand. You can maybe guess the basic plot from the script, but expect no details or accuracy whatsoever. You’re better off without this release.

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7 thoughts on “Translation review: [t4w] Kamisama Hajimemashita 01

  1. Always been wondering about that “nanimono”. “Mono” in “nanimono” means “person”, yes? “Nani” can mean “what”, I guess? Then is it wrong to translate “nanimono” as “what person”?

      • Yeah, “what person” doesn’t really count as valid English. “What are you?” is more valid English than it. I often hear “nanimono” in shounen anime when some guy pulls off a surprising attack or something (like a beam, for example) so I always think that “what are you?” makes more sense than “who are you?”. Like it’s not who they are but what they are that would explain why they can shoot beams. But thanks for the reply.

  2. yeah ik that the subtitles are off but that doesnt mean its a bad anime, i absolutely am in love with the manga and was ecstatic when they came out with the anime, i also saw another version where they got almost everything down with the english, so please do not tell ppl to avoid the anime just bc of subtitles that have nothing to do with the actual show please…=(

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